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  1. Yup. When a 'bad' or 'sub-par game' = 3 goals against, things are looking alright. B)

    I expect maybe he gets a break for the Jets game. Then again, if you're ever going to play him in a back to back, this might not be a bad choice (keep the team momentum, he should still be pretty fresh etc).

    There's also a back-to-back at home on the weekend, which is probably easier to manage than a back-to-back in different cities. Albeit that the Jets are on a three-game streak, Ottawa is hot and is clicking quite well offensively and defensively - wouldn't be surprised to see them try to keep Carey fresh for that one given that its more difficult and being on the back-end of a back-to-back.

  2. Little bit of a weak game by Carey's standards IMO. Those last two don't normally go in. Still doing his job though. Bottom line is that Price can give up 3 all we wants when we get four.

    Well, if he wasn't at his best tonight, I'm glad it was tonight - when the team was able to pot four. Nothing stings more than price standing on his head to lose a game 2-1 or 1-0. :)

  3. His leg got hurt (I think it was on Gallagher's shootout). He finished the shoutout but you could see he was not comfortable. Let's hope it's not too bad (we should know more details tomorrow), otherwise we're screwed.

    Hopefully a puck just caught him in a soft spot or he cramped up a bit.

  4. Karlsson is incredibly fast but man is he small im surprised he hasn't gotten injured.. but there is plent of time for that to happen.. i don't like how mouthy he is.. he'll get what's coming to him.

    Honestly (and this is purely speculation), I find that smaller defenseman typically have great health records. I don't know why, and perhaps I'm way off base, but I think that there's a lot than can go "wrong" more easily in a larger body.

    Plus, the smaller guys often play a less physical game, leading to less situations where injuries become a factor.

    (I know this post if from long ago, I just saw it now and found it interesting)

  5. Not sure if it has been posted here,,,,but here's a piece from the Montreal Gazette via TSN regarding Coles future.

    "According to the Montreal Gazette, forward Erik Cole told the media on Friday that his unhappiness with the new CBA and his family situation will force him to review whether or not he wants to keep playing after this season.

    Cole, who is in the second year of a four-year, $18 million deal with the Habs, first brought up the possibility of retirement in October.

    "I want to have a conversation with the (Players' Association) about some of the escrow stuff and some of the fearsome things in the new CBA," Cole told the Gazette. "Family-wise it's a transition year with my daughter in school next year and I think it's something to be considered and everybody should consider this when they look at the new CBA, not just the way it affects the group but how it affects you individually."

    The 34-year-old forward also stated his concern that players won't get the full value of their existing contracts as the NHLPA's share of league revenues will drop from 57 to 50 per cent."

    I hope not.

    If he doesn't want to play - quite frankly, I'd rather not have him play. Good riddance.

  6. I'm not sure I buy the fear in terms of bringing Gally up. By the time he leaves training camp there will be 25 or so games left in Sarnia for him to play, probably not going to make much of a difference development wise. I do get the argument that the playoffs could end up being valuable, but they could also end up being 4 quick games whether he's dominant or not. I watch Galchenyuk in Sarnia and I see a player who is at times almost toying with the competition and playing an extremely wide open system. I'm not sure how much he has left to learn there. Physically, he has the strength IMO to survive at the NHL level. I get why we're still scared from the Latendresse experience but Latendresse wasn't the same level of player and he needed AHL time, he needed to be sent down not for 1 more year but at least 2 and possibly 2.5-3. IF Galchenyuk goes down this year, there's an enormous chance he's on the big roster next year and the odds of him ever playing in Hamilton seem minuscule at this point.

    The question of burning the ELC is probably what the major debate is and I could go either way on it. I think the Seguin model makes a lot of sense and I think if the organization deems he's capable of 12-14 minutes a night the experience and development would be far and away more valuable than burning another 25 games in the OHL. With the resources we have, I'm more worried about his developing than I am about saving a year. Especially since with the bonuses it's not like we're saving THAT much on his ELC relative to his 2nd contract unless he's a megastar, in which case he will belong in the NHL now anyway.

    Not a bad point, I haven't factored in the partial-season factor - oversight on my part.

    My main worry is just whether we have the offensive depth to protect him or support him properly. The Seguin model worked because Boston is a very well-built and well-rounded team. That's not to say it WON'T work with the Habs, or that he wouldn't be able to take advantage of certain opportunities, but this is potentially the best prospect we've had in camp since Carey Price. I don't want to screw this one up.

  7. There is a clash with new ownership for sure. From a production standpoint how many times did they make the playoffs with Burke?


    I don't know if that's a fair method of assessment given the shambles of a team inherited by Burke. They had one of the poorest prospect pools in the league from what I recall. Burke's strategy was clearly long-term since there was no evident short-term fix for the Leafs.

  8. He's made some pretty glaring mistakes but he's also done a good job taking a farm system that was totally bare and making it productive. Weird move, must have been a personality clash.

    I feel like something weird had to have happened, and recently. This move doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and the timing makes even less sense. He hasn't brought them to the promised land yet as many Torontonians prophesized, but I think he could have also done far worse as GM.

  9. I am 100% opposed to Gally starting the year with the habs.

    Financially and fundamentally it makes no sense. We're not going to be good, were up against the cap and Gally is a year behind in development.

    1- Wait until Gomez is amnestied in the summer.

    2- Let him play major minutes in junior while putting on more muscle.

    3- Bring him in to center the second line in 2013-14.

    I'm not really sure why this isn't obvious to all. This is a short transition season and ill be surprised if we do anything but battle for an 8th spot with or without Gally. Lets not ruin another prospect especially one who actually has legit talent.

    I personally would not even give Galchenyuk any of the "tryout" games that you can give a junior. The memory of Latendresse is too fresh, Galchenyuk can still benefit from the juniors, and the team is not deep enough to hide him and ease him in either.

  10. Per TSN

    " The cap is expected to rise to $70 million this season before shrinking back down to $64 million in 2013-2014. "

    For next season buyout Gomez and Kaberle ( $ 9 M )

    Try and trade Bourque ( $ 4 ) and Gionta ( $ 5 )

    That frees up $18 M

    That's assuming the Molsons are willing to shell out the money to do so. I can see them pursuing a buyout on Gomez, but not sure they'd go much beyond that.

  11. Bingo. He's the figurehead - the name and face you can point to - for the entire board of governors. Im not saying he's doing a bang-up job but I dont think he's terrible either. He's got a smarmy, cold personality so its tough to warm up to him, but there's no doubt in my mind he's a clever businessman or he wouldnt be going into his 19th year as commissioner.

    The NHLPA is not without fault in these discussions either - both sides are being hard headed and clearly trying to play chicken with the season, thinking the other side will back down in the 11th hour, but the reality is that neither may.

    The "personality" issue is, to me, the real reason why people have come to dislike Bettman or feel that he is useless. It seems that the average fan doesn't necessarily understand who he is or what he does - as mentioned, he's the figurehead; he REPRESENTS the owners. He doesn't make decisions on their behalf, he's just the one put forward to deliver the message.

    He personally hasn't caused a lockout. The reality of the situation is, more than half the teams in the league lose money. Even in a purely profit-shared league, a team would only turn a profit of somewhere between $5- and $12-million. When you consider the average NHL player salary is now several million, this doesn't seem like the owners are "rich billionaires making money hand-over-fist" as some players would have you believe.

    Now onto my thoughts on the lockout side of things:

    I don't see the NHL budging on more than a 50/50 split. A single percentage point means MUCH more to the ownership. A simplistic way to look at it - 1% of revenues is split 30-ways among owners, but that same 1% is split hundreds of ways among players. The owners won't be backing down, and nor do I think they should. If you look at the other successful professional leagues in North America, 50/50 is a standard split. The players in the NHL earn a higher percentage of revenue than their counterparts in any of the other major leagues. It's time for a wakeup call for them in that respect, in my opinion.

  12. After the P.K. Subban signing we are going to be the team with the third or fourth highest cap in the league. Kind of embarrassing to think about given last season's finish. I hope Bergevin's plan in 2012-2013 is to clear some space for Max Pacioretty to be resigned next summer. He may also have to find cash for David Desharnais.

    I suppose so, but the Scott Gomez and Tomas Kaberle contracts really inflate that number. Once they're off the books, we'll be sitting pretty with respect to the cap. The unfortunate part is we don't really have any big contracts coming off the books in the next year, so we might have to get a bit creative for a year.

  13. I think for some(coming out of retirement), it's a combination of a things... Proving to themselves they can still do it, missing the game they've played most of their lives, the camaraderie, the boredom of nothing to do after hockey, the loneliness. Some x-players have talked about being lonely after hockey, they're use to spending 6+ months a year next to the same group of guys, sometimes even years. They obviously try and keep up friendships, but a few texts and emails is not the same thing as traveling with teammates, playing a long season with them and practicing for at least 6 months out of the year.

    Definitely a huge thing, in my opinion. We keep hearing more and more cases about depression after the game, and while some of that gets attributed to different things, a lot of professional athletes, performers, etc, face this sort of thing as they hit a point of self-realization where they think they'll never be what they previously were.

    In the most literal sense, they're probably right, and I think that's what leads to some of the problems. They've always had the hockey, or acting, or music - they haven't had to think about anything else or figure things out. It's quite unfortunate as it leads to some pretty serious stuff sometimes.

  14. Exactly, incredible shape for a 47 year old. Excellent shape or not, he's still 47 years old. Lidstrom is incredible shape and can still play at a high level. He's 6-7 years younger than Hasek and without a 4 year absence you can tell that he's slowing down. Again, he's a dman, albeit playing against top lines night in night out, but it's obvious he's getting older and slowing down.

    Time is a tenders worse enemy. That extra second it'll take him to react can be the difference between a goal and a save. Granted his body doesn't have the wear and tear of a skater, but great shape or not, his reflexes have slowed, they have to. He may be able to play a limited role (40-50 games/season), but even his last year in Detroit you could tell he wasn't the same hasek. Injuries started to catch up to the aging tender and he just wasn't as sharp.

    Being in great shape for your age and able to compete at a high level are 2 different things. He may be in for a shock once he actually plays a game, he's 4 years removed. Even Jagr had to keep his shifts short to be able to help his team and the once 50 goal scorer is closer to the 25 goal mark now.

    Hasek is a very proud guy, not sure if he'll be willing to play 2nd fiddle.

    Exactly. I actually loved watching the guy back in the day. But I can't see the injury issues he had getting any better at this age.

  15. It's nice to see one of the best players in the world back again. I hope he survives the rigours of the remaining regular season games and the post-season. It'd be a shame for the NHL to lose one of it's best performers, ambassadors, and marketing tools. The NHL really does need Sidney Crosby.

    No doubt. And, like him or lump him, you can't deny that he's exciting. He adds an element of creativity and sheer skill that few in this league have (or ever have had, for that matter).

  16. Hello,,,,, Mr. Bettman,,,,,,,you just might want to initiate the talks with the PA. In private enterprise they start early and don't wait until the contract expires.

    <shakes head at stupidity>

    A main reason Bettman has waited is due to a number of pretty big things that have happened recently (ie. new executive director this year). They need time to get comfortably prepared for the talks. Also I think I read somewhere that not everyone is keen on talking as it provides somewhat of a distraction from the hockey still being played.

  17. Pro scouting dropped the ball on this one, Campoli really should not have been signed, even as a stopgap.

    Perhaps it's more of him just ultimately being a poor fit (it happens). Granted, while our pro scouting has had its ups and downs, his previous numbers indicate that he certainly could have been good here. I was actually moderately excited about this something as I've always thought he was a good mid-range guy, but apparently things just have not gone well for him here. It didn't really help with fluke injury he suffered right off-the-hop either; not much you could do to predict that.

  18. Yes, we all dislike Bettman, but the man takes far too much flak for what happens with the league. Let's not forget that he's more/less just a spokesman for the BOG, who are the ones that come up with ideas for changes and actually do the voting.

    And while we may lament a lot of it, let's not forget to recognize the good things that come as well:


    A pleasant story, no doubt.

  19. I'm a lil suspicious about Sid's injuries/concussions.

    Horton was leveled in last seasons finals, joined his team in October-had to be taken off the ice on a stretcher. Weber suffered a concussion and is already back, alfie concussed and back, Giroux concussed and back, Riemer (who ha had multiple concussions) is back, Miller run over by lucic and he's back.

    Mr Crosby who made it to the bench on his own (in both situations-the hedman hit didn't look bad at all to me, no charging, head wasn't the target), misses almost a full season.

    I know they want to be extra careful with sid, but I have a feeling it's being exaggerated in his case. Savard had multiple concussions and it was evident that he was in real trouble. Had sid's concussions been like Savards, I could understand the lengthy time off. I feel there's more to it than just the concussions.

    The concussion he suffered in the winter classic (Knuble?), was a pretty hard hit to his head. But the rome hit on Horton imo was worse.

    Perhaps, but at the same time, these sort of things aren't so cut-and-dried as typical bone, ligament, or muscle injuries. It can be so different for every person. Who knows how many potential concussions or how much damage had been done prior to them having to sit out - ie. unreported concussions, hits to the head, etc.

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