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  1. They'll be in tough against SD next week, who finally is showcasing their talent.
  2. I'm pumped for him to come back as I've actually always liked him. By no means is he a 1-2 guy, but he's an adequate mid-level guy with a pretty decent shot. If we had a healthy Markov, he'd be the perfect mid-bottom guy for the team, IMO.
  3. That was simply incredible. Still many games ahead, but it looks like taking the extended time off has warded off any ill-effects of the concussion(s).
  4. Even if they could get clobbered by enforcers out there, they wouldn't stop doing it. The league as a whole is just bigger, badder, and tougher than before. I don't think anything short of a 'Bertuzzi' would guys like Lucic from doing what they do on a regular basis.
  5. Glad to see Jagr succeeding in the NHL again. Definitely missed having him around, he's a great player to watch.
  6. He is goalless in his last 26 games (24 regular season, 2 playoff) with only 6 assists over that span. Weber had so much jump in his step tonight and really provided a spark; he gelled nicely with Eller and Pyatt, and still gives us the option to slot him into D if we need to cut back on Subban's minutes. Unless we're going to slot Pouliot up with Gomez and Gionta (don't see it happening, Moen's been too good on the forecheck), I'd prefer to see someone else there for now.
  7. What you explained is exactly why I like Sopel in the lineup. The Bruins aren't an overly fast, free-wheeling squad, so Sopel can keep up. You don't need him to be overly physical as that's not how you take the Bruins off their game. Blocked shots and good positional play will frustrate them. From watching him the last few seasons, he plays a smart, clean game in the playoffs. That said, I would also like to see Mara in the lineup as a big body. Someone mentioned in the last game thread that it might be ideal to dress seven defensemen, and I completely agree.
  8. Sopel, IMO, is the kind of guy we need to be dressing every game. You don't need to get 20+ a game out of him, but he's a proven playoff performer and exactly the kind of guy that will help in matching up against Boston.
  9. Saw that, definitely saved a goal for sure.
  10. So far so good - he's eating up big minutes on the PK, and we've been perfect since he arrived. And to think, some felt he had nothing left in the tank.
  11. 200 lbs at 5'9" is nothing to sneeze at; the height is short, but it means he's built bigger than a player like Maxwell, who weighs less and is 4" taller. Stronger on the puck, in the corners, etc. Maxwell may be 22 years old, but he's no sure-fire star or blue-chip prospect. The reality is, we're chock full of smallish playmaking centers - and that's all Maxwell really is. The draft pack is a 4th rounder - a crapshoot by then, and pretty easy to pick up more of in the future anyway. In terms of what we're getting, which is some defensive depth, we paid pretty accurately. Sopel is a strong playoff performer - his game is built for it; if he plays anything like he had for Chicago and Vancouver, then we'll be getting the better end of the deal.
  12. I'm surprised to see everyone so shocked by this; I thought it was a pretty decent move that is costing us next to nothing. Don't get me wrong; Mara isn't going to be a star, but he's a more than serviceable 4-6 guy with some size that is fresh and ready to fill in on a defensive unit that's been hurting. I don't see any wrong in that. Even if Gill will be back shortly, there's always the risk of re-injury. As well, Gorges was reportedly playing hurt for a long time - perhaps he still is.
  13. I think perhaps a reason he bounced around a bit too had to do with attitude. This might be unfounded, but I thought I had read previously about it; that said, I also had read that he seemed to be maturing and coming into his own in Long Island. I find it tough to compare him to anyone that we've had recently. He has the booming shot of a Souray but is a MUCH better skater and is far better in the transition game. Looking around the league, perhaps he's a bit of a "Shea Weber Lite". Offensive skills are pretty much on par, and he's physical, but defensively he's not quite as sound. I dunno, maybe I'm off. Either way, I like him.
  14. It was a bit of an attitude thing. It was a botched trade though when you consider that we got nothing in return for a player who's proven to be a very solid playmaking center.
  15. TSN mentioned Halpern in an article they wrote about how some of the best free agent pickups this season have come with small price tags.
  16. Partially due to him racking up big minutes on the PK, but also a testament to his strong play and drive. It looks like they've been scaling back on Gomer's PP time as well.
  17. If Halpern puts up 50 points, I'll eat my hat. And I really like the guy. I truthfully don't expect much more than 25-30 points; anything more is really gravy.
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