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  1. Lions perfect season record stands-check (Thank you, Colts)

    Packers lose so they won't play hard last week against Lions-check(Thank you, Chiefs)

    Lions win and other wild cards lose-check (Thank you, World)

    Lions make playoffs-check?


    They'll be in tough against SD next week, who finally is showcasing their talent.

  2. I'm actually excited for him to come back now. St-Denis should be returned to Hamilton, and Weber should probably be a healthy scratch. Gill can take a seat in the pressbox too. When we first acquired him I was entirely uninterested in the signing. Now I'm desperate to see what he can actually do.

    I'm pumped for him to come back as I've actually always liked him. By no means is he a 1-2 guy, but he's an adequate mid-level guy with a pretty decent shot. If we had a healthy Markov, he'd be the perfect mid-bottom guy for the team, IMO.

  3. Even if BGL had fought Lucic, nothing would have changed. This isn't the NHL of old and people need to understand that. The NHL has made sure that guys like Lucic will be allowed to exist. If BGL had ever fought Lucic, it would have been BGL's head. Look at what the referees did to Nokelainen when they played the Rangers. The next time Buffalo and Boston play, Kaleta will go after Lucic and you can count on it. Whatever the outcome, it won't change Lucic's game. Chara almost killed someone last year and that didn't change his game. These guys have no care, they know they're protected by today's NHL.

    Even if they could get clobbered by enforcers out there, they wouldn't stop doing it. The league as a whole is just bigger, badder, and tougher than before. I don't think anything short of a 'Bertuzzi' would guys like Lucic from doing what they do on a regular basis.

  4. I see where you're coming from. If both Kostitsyn and Halpern come back, who sits? Weber and? My money's on Pouliot.

    He didn't produce in last year's playoffs and his play so far doesn't make me believe it's gonna be any different this year. If he can't produce offensively, then just don't see any reason for him to be in the lineup. And it really seems like he's shying away from the physical play in comparison to the regular season.

    He is goalless in his last 26 games (24 regular season, 2 playoff) with only 6 assists over that span. Weber had so much jump in his step tonight and really provided a spark; he gelled nicely with Eller and Pyatt, and still gives us the option to slot him into D if we need to cut back on Subban's minutes.

    Unless we're going to slot Pouliot up with Gomez and Gionta (don't see it happening, Moen's been too good on the forecheck), I'd prefer to see someone else there for now.

  5. Yes and no. Sopel did well with his shot-blocking, but the Bruins also blew by him once or twice. Having him in the line-up is almost like having a second Gill: he blocks shots, he does well on the PK, but he's not overly physical for his size and he's slow, especially trying to contain rushing attackers coming down the wing. Mara might add another element to the line-up that Sopel can't bring, but then you lose what Sopel does bring. Overall, the issue is that we have a few guys on the bottom half of this D crew who bring certain skills but each with their own deficiencies, yet no one guy who can be sound in all areas, so whatever choice JM makes, there's going to be a sacrifice made in some area.

    What you explained is exactly why I like Sopel in the lineup. The Bruins aren't an overly fast, free-wheeling squad, so Sopel can keep up. You don't need him to be overly physical as that's not how you take the Bruins off their game. Blocked shots and good positional play will frustrate them. From watching him the last few seasons, he plays a smart, clean game in the playoffs.

    That said, I would also like to see Mara in the lineup as a big body. Someone mentioned in the last game thread that it might be ideal to dress seven defensemen, and I completely agree.

  6. I don't know if leaving Mara out is the smartest move. I think I'd rather have him in than Sopel. I know it's nice to have 3LH and 3 RH D, but I think Mara provides size and toughness out front, and against the Bruins that could be crucial.

    Sopel, IMO, is the kind of guy we need to be dressing every game. You don't need to get 20+ a game out of him, but he's a proven playoff performer and exactly the kind of guy that will help in matching up against Boston.

  7. I don't know if anybody else noticed it, but Halpern made an incredible "save" on a wraparound attempt which would otherwise have been successful since Carey was stuck on the far side of the net. It was pretty early on, and I'm not sure how he played the rest of the game...but credit where credit is due.

    Saw that, definitely saved a goal for sure.

  8. What is there not to like about this trade. :blink:

    Another aged 30's defenceman for not only a draft pick but for Maxwell (age 22) in exchange for a 5'9" smurf AHLer (at 200lbs) in Nigel Dawes who just happens to be 25 years old. The draft pick is fine but the player swap is not. But it is only Montreal.

    200 lbs at 5'9" is nothing to sneeze at; the height is short, but it means he's built bigger than a player like Maxwell, who weighs less and is 4" taller. Stronger on the puck, in the corners, etc.

    Maxwell may be 22 years old, but he's no sure-fire star or blue-chip prospect. The reality is, we're chock full of smallish playmaking centers - and that's all Maxwell really is.

    The draft pack is a 4th rounder - a crapshoot by then, and pretty easy to pick up more of in the future anyway.

    In terms of what we're getting, which is some defensive depth, we paid pretty accurately. Sopel is a strong playoff performer - his game is built for it; if he plays anything like he had for Chicago and Vancouver, then we'll be getting the better end of the deal.

  9. I'm surprised to see everyone so shocked by this; I thought it was a pretty decent move that is costing us next to nothing.

    Don't get me wrong; Mara isn't going to be a star, but he's a more than serviceable 4-6 guy with some size that is fresh and ready to fill in on a defensive unit that's been hurting. I don't see any wrong in that. Even if Gill will be back shortly, there's always the risk of re-injury. As well, Gorges was reportedly playing hurt for a long time - perhaps he still is.

  10. Weep, he's bounced around quite a bit but remember how young he is. The Wisniewski we're seeing right now - and the one we saw in NYI and even parts of last year in California - is quite a bit different than the Wisniewski I remember watching in Chicago. I believe that some time towards the end of his time in Anaheim he started to become more defensively responsible. Im not sure if it was playing with a solid defensive partner, coaching or simply maturation but there was a definite change - and as we've seen in both Long Island and here, that is translating into decent-to-solid work in his own end and very smart moves in the neutral zone and forward.

    Honestly, I see more of a comparison to Souray than Streit with Wisniewski - but with the obvious note that Wiz is considerably more defensively responsible due to better vision (i dont think Sheldon ever wanted to be a pilon, he just didnt have the on ice vision to keep up with faster attackers).

    I think perhaps a reason he bounced around a bit too had to do with attitude. This might be unfounded, but I thought I had read previously about it; that said, I also had read that he seemed to be maturing and coming into his own in Long Island.

    I find it tough to compare him to anyone that we've had recently. He has the booming shot of a Souray but is a MUCH better skater and is far better in the transition game. Looking around the league, perhaps he's a bit of a "Shea Weber Lite". Offensive skills are pretty much on par, and he's physical, but defensively he's not quite as sound. I dunno, maybe I'm off. Either way, I like him. :P

  11. 5 goals and 20 assists so far this season.

    I liked him when he was here but I was younger, why'd we trade him?

    It was a bit of an attitude thing.

    It was a botched trade though when you consider that we got nothing in return for a player who's proven to be a very solid playmaking center.

  12. Just read this on Habs I/O. Thought it was worth posting.

    "If I get out of the Bell Centre early enough on game nights, I'm able to enjoy the 11:30 wrap-up on CKAC, featuring Dany Dubé's brilliant analysis.

    Last night Dubé talked about Jeff Halpern. The veteran centre is a neighbour of Lars Eller (whom Halpern calls "Larry"), and they usually share a ride to and from practices.

    Dubé says Eller has learned a lot from Halpern during their commuting conversations. And it is a tribute to the team spiritedness of the veteran centre that he's willing to befriend and teach a young player whose development will cut into his own ice time."

    TSN mentioned Halpern in an article they wrote about how some of the best free agent pickups this season have come with small price tags. ;)

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