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  1. Remove: Phoenix Carolina Florida Atlanta Nashville Add: Winnipeg Quebec City Hamilton Halifax (why not?) Hartford
  2. IMO, Hiccups is not funny. It's nowhere near as great as Corner Gas was. Brent Butt ended that show too soon.
  3. Tonight, you are the Philadelphia Flyers. Tonight, I am the Montreal Canadiens! I win.
  4. Well if Kovy doesn't come back, I think Andrei Markov will be the next captain. But actually thinking about it, I never really see him in interviews. I honestly don't know. Cammalleri?
  5. Als are the Buffalo Bills of the CFL.... absolutely EMBARASSING!!!!!!!
  6. So it's Eskimos vs Als in the EAST Final....Saturday 1pm ET. Predictions anyone? I say Als win 41-14.
  7. Good win for the Alouettes. I kinda feel bad for Ti-Cat fans, they've been suffering for years and still no end in sight.
  8. I was listening to a bit of the 1st quarter on CJAD, but I turned it when I heard it was 14-0 Argonauts. I was quite shocked when I saw on TSN that they finished the game 35-35. I also heard Marcus Brady got hurt. I wonder if he will be our QB this season or not.
  9. Welcome to the Habs forum SD!
  10. MLB

    Bring MLB back to Montreal, but have them play outdoors, because who in their right mind would want to watch a ball game indoors on a nice sunny day? That's why the Expos moved.