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  1. So tonight's game is only on RDS I guess. You would think TSN would show it, but then again, who wants to see the Devils?
  2. Just heard on TSN Radio 690, they are broadcasting tonight's intrasquad game.
  3. It kind of is an exhibition, our only "preseason" game.
  4. Can not wait to see if Galchenyuk makes the team, even if it's only 10 games before they send him back to Sarnia. How does everyone think Therrien will handle Gomez? God it feels great to talk Habs again!
  5. IMO, Hiccups is not funny. It's nowhere near as great as Corner Gas was. Brent Butt ended that show too soon.
  6. Tonight, you are the Philadelphia Flyers. Tonight, I am the Montreal Canadiens! I win.
  7. Well if Kovy doesn't come back, I think Andrei Markov will be the next captain. But actually thinking about it, I never really see him in interviews. I honestly don't know. Cammalleri?
  8. Bring MLB back to Montreal, but have them play outdoors, because who in their right mind would want to watch a ball game indoors on a nice sunny day? That's why the Expos moved.
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