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  1. Well he did get socked quite a few times and people do get pretty bloodied by a bare fist. But, like I said, the Habs really should address this if he really was hit with the elbow pad.
  2. But what I mean is how do we even know the elbow pad was touching Pyatt's face? His sleeve was completely covering it. If what your saying is true, however, I would hope Pyatt let JM know and something is brought up about it. I don't want to see Campbell getting away with crap just because his daddy is in HO.
  3. For curiosity's sake, how do you know he was actually intentionally punching Pyatt with the elbow pad? I watched the video a few times and you really can't see it. Not trying to defend Campbell here, I just don't know if it's conclusive that he did that on purpose. Also, whatever the case is with Campbell, whether that was dirty or not, wishing season ending injury on a player isn't cool. Pyatt came out of that fight looking pretty tenderized, but he's still in one piece.
  4. We grow them tough in Thunder Bay.
  5. He can quit talking while he's at it. The latest in his diva-fest: "I’m used to the criticism,” Souray said. "You can’t please everyone once people get an opinion. I think Edmonton’s done a pretty good job, the organization’s done a good job, of trying to form an opinion of my character and my personality. Once people jump on that and make an assumption for themselves, it’s hard to do anything right. We’ve seen it before. Not just my situation. Players, they get a certain reputation and no matter what they do it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough." You make your own bed, Souray.
  6. Yay Halak!!! The little goalie that could! This is kind of a perfect scenario right now: Halak is playing well on his new team, Price is playing great, too, and the Habs are winning. *knocks on wood*
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