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  1. i'd heard a lot of talk about his energy in camp and saw it first hand last night. there's a reason mad max can be a crowd favourite. when he pins the puck deep and causes trouble around the net, he's SO much fun to watch.
  2. really? i've been waiting for this kid to mature. glad to hear he's doing well in camp. what's his game like?
  3. happy to see this guy join the habs. size, grit and a great player to have in the room. a welcome addition, imho.
  4. thanks. i actually thought it was a kids movie... too bad. now i have to find something else because i really don't want to get stuck seeing the back up plan...
  5. i was just coming into the thread to see if anyone had seen kick-a. nice to hear it's living up to hype. is it too violent though? i'd like to see it with a friend who hates violence. as for the rating, you shouldn't be surprised. qc is always more liberal in its 'tastes', hence the drinking age and a few other unmentionables.
  6. i loved it too. my favourite part was when the car horn breaks.
  7. i've liked almost every queens album (and kyuss was good too) but you're right dave grohl's name added some star power. them crooked vultures rocks. fav track: mind eraser, no chaser yes, it was songs for the deaf. speaking of dave grohl, as much as i've loved his side projects (tenacious d was pretty fun too) i find the foo fighters have gone soft. very disappointing. i used to love that band.
  8. thanks crb! awesome as always! some great shots of pleks from the warm up, gaminola too and of course, batman! that's some serious fake and baking pouliot's got going on.
  9. this is the reason i haven't seen it. i love the bourne movies (understatement) and felt like this was just ripped from movies that were done better. glad to hear it doesn't disappoint.
  10. thanks for the reading material guys. i've added them to my list. i loved the road too. i knew what to expect going in so i was really curious to see the execution of the film, which i thought was excellent. now that you've brought it up, i'm shocked viggo wasn't nominated for an oscar for that role (even though i'm always disappointed with the oscar selections, or popularity/sympathy votes, it still bothers me). he was outstanding, imho.
  11. no. should i? i loved the machininst in a disturbing, uncomfortable way. one of the things i loved about it was that i was uncomfortable the entire movie but still curiously entertained. i found with, say, the wrestler that i was uncomfortable to the point where i was no longer entertained and i couldn't watch. i like directors (christopher nolan is one of them) who create a mood that brings you into the film and plot becomes secondary to the journey. i'll have to check out trassiberian. thanks for the tip!
  12. shutter island: 8.5/10 loved it! i think i enjoyed it more knowing it was flawed. it didn't seem too long in the end and while there were a couple of things that could've been executed better the overall mood, story and the ride it took me on was just amazing; creepy as hell but amazing. great tribute to bmovies of the past. highly recommend it.
  13. thanks! i'm going to see it tonight. pretty psyched but i now consider myself forewarned.
  14. unbelievable. that pic of halak is my fav. love the soccer game too! so much fun!
  15. are you serious? the preview makes it look like every other romcom that's bored me to tears. very interesting. i like the two leads though. that could be the difference. you guys are throwing off my entire movie-judgement. wow. zombieland 7.5/10. highly entertaining!
  16. seriously? i know the reviews have been pretty good. fascinating.
  17. there were some odd moments and some scenes that were too abrupt for my taste (often feeling out of place with the flow of the film) but i can't think of any character inconsistencies but we may be talking about the same thing. without giving anything away, there were some character moments that i found forced but not necessarily inconsistent. just wondering if we noticed the same thing. fair enough. i wasn't arguing with you, just curious as the movie is fresh in my mind. i didn't mind the more objective stand-point. i thought it was quite effective in relaying the implications of becoming a soldier which, depending on the viewers pt of view, can either be heroic (something i can't relate to) or disruptive (something i can). i guess what i liked about the film (because, i agree with you, it's far from perfect) was its attempt at a neutral stance (if possible) because more often than not movies bombard you with their moral message and i find it annoying, for example, brothers (which i didn't like at all). very interesting that both writer and director have taken anti-war stances in the past. i had no idea and i find it all the more intriguing that their bias wasn't prevalent throughout. it's so hard for movies to live up to the hype these days, isn't it? tbh i'd read some incredible reviews about it (and clearly the academy agrees) but didn't know anyone who had seen it. i was pretty impressed with the pace, the acting and the edge-of-your-seat anticipation that kept me enthralled for over two hours. it's not the most original movie i've ever seen, (ie district 9) but impressive nonetheless. got to love the academy thinking of anyway they can to increase ratings. they've upped the nominations to 10 so that blockbusters might get a nod or two instead of just the critics' choices.
  18. interesting. i quite enjoyed it but for the abrupt ending that i felt was rushed more than open-ended. care to elaborate on the contradictions and questionable character choices? i didn't feel the movie was making an anti-war statement. you did? overall, thumbs up. received a few oscar nods this morning.
  19. i'm a bit picky so i would say 10/10 in 3D perhaps a slight dip (8.5/10) if not in 3D. changed the way i see movies. story is decent but it's been done before, just not in this way. it's an experience that should not be missed.
  20. AMAZING!! thanks crb! your pictures are incredible as always. i feel like i was on the bench! thanks for sharing.
  21. thanks crb!! for the game and the pics! great shots! especially the second 'et le but!'. i think markov might be jealous of all the gionta pics.
  22. you have more faith in bergeron than i do. i'd say, "downright impossible for someone like bergeron to control down low.' but we'll see. he seemed more confident with each shift last night and i'm willing to be patient given that he was thrown into a new team after the season started.
  23. then we are in agreement. i was shocked enough to see him in the crease in the first place but i guess he thought standing there would be enough.
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