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  1. Horribly false, unless I'm drunk in which at the time at least I believe I'm good. The poster below me is a pure-blood conservative voter.
  2. Trotter is just about a failed pro.
  3. I think the trade is showing which people actually liked Halak or who just hated Price.
  4. Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm /end thread
  5. Just saw She's out of my league in theaters, ughhh 2/10 because there was 1 or 2 funny jokes. Damn corny movie, the hockey clips were from 2007 too, damn Hossa and Laraques were still on the Pens. But damn, I guess you put a hot girl and some stupid jokes and you get a basic American film.
  6. When I saw the highlight (i missed the game) my first reaction to that was, "How in the world can an NHL defenseman be that stupid?" Like I know usually there should be a winger along the boards (even though he was skating to the right side and if there was a winger there he may have started to come over towards the middle a little more) but still, how the heck does one think to do a blind behind the back pass in your own zone?? If it was a 2 foot pass I understand, but trying to go from behind the net to the sideboards/hashmarks?
  7. In defense of Wayne, Glen got those numbers with low ice time and poor linemates in the NHL. In defense of Weep, Glen's major numbers weren't in Major Junior even, and while he did play well in the minors, it wasn't great considering his age.
  8. I was watching the Wilds-Avs game and after Mikko scored the game tying clutch goal late in the 3rd the announcer was like, "And Captain Koivu comes through!!!!" Made me sad
  9. I agree because of what I just said. He doesn't have much of a future here, no reason to leave comfort and more money.
  10. I just don't see it ever happening with this kid. People really overrated that one tournament in my opinion. Maybe he'll be on the bus between Hamilton and Montreal at best.
  11. Hey don't diss the badge! Chipchura was actually high on many boards, I think CSS has him as the #4 or 5 NA skater during that year, albeit I didn't have him close to there.
  12. Azuh? This year only three players in the WHL got over 100 points and 6 over 90. One of whom was 4th overall pick Evander Kane (Brayden Schenn the 5th overall pick had 88 points). In 07-08, only two got over 100 points and five over 90. The WHL is known as a pretty dismal offensive league and a pretty defensive heavy one. I think you're thinking of the Q, but even they had only three players over 100 points, the leading scorer Yannick Riendeau had 126 but he was a overager free agent, later scooped up by the Bruins. --------------------- I do agree though that Chips was not drafte
  13. Hes 22 and has just 100 games under his belt. At the same point, his brother had only played 35 games in the NHL. Sergei is fine.
  14. Cause hes Russian and makes some lazy plays. I don't want Sergei on a 3rd or 4th line anyways, I'd rather have him be on a scoring line, and theres no opening on the top 6 ATM on the Habs for him.
  15. Saku Koivu pulled on his jersey Thursday night and nearly did a double take. The Canadiens logo, to which he had brought such honor for so long, was not on his chest anymore, and he needed a moment to process that. "It felt a little odd the first time I put it on before the game. I was pretty nervous even though this was just a preseason game," said the Finnish center, who signed with the Ducks as a free agent in July. "It's a new situation for me after 13 years in Montreal and a different feeling. "I'm glad the first one is over with and hopefully it's going to be easier for me from her
  16. Well it may not be the greatest of precdent for all of you, but I believed Lefebvre was a 4th-5th rounder in this years draft, so it could be low risk possible medium reward.
  17. I had Lefebvre high on my board before the Draft (and by high I mean like around 100ish), I really was surpised he wasn't taken. IMO he has a decent chance to be a NHL'er and at the very least a marginal one. Because I'm looking at his weigh-in from the spring supplied by ISS. He had no combine weigh-in though because he wasn't invited. A 15 pound gain over a handful of months would be quite alarming
  18. I like Phillipe, hes a guy whose probably destined to start off in Cincinatti, but hes the kinda signing I want the Habs to get. He has a roof of a high-end checker, he plays hard, he plays smart and is good defensively. His raw skillset is what kept him from getting drafted.
  19. You post this at this time and this afterwards... So if I get things correct YOU are a Leafs fan And I win!
  20. I have no shame when it comes to cheering for a team. Go Leafs Go! But I win
  21. I think this is more of an attempt to build a core that can exist without Bosh rather than persuade him to stay, hes made it very clear he wants to test the market and probably wants the big bucks he can get from a larger market.
  22. Can someone put the option of no captain (3 assistants) into the poll?
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