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  1. First off, let me just say that I have been very supportive and a fan of Carbonneau since he came. I never wanted him gone in the first year when so many did but I have doubts right now. He has difficulty communicating with players. Is stubborn in regards to taking mid-game timeouts, changing goalies, accepting penalties which were actually proper calls. Absolutely refuses to match lines even when they are complete mismatches. Overall, I feel that Carbo's biggest problem is his lack of attention to detail. Small things are which win games on a consistent basis and right now, we are not winning games. Give him time, maybe a week was a spur of the moment time length, to attempt to fix the issues affecting the team right now. Since the beginning of the season, this team has not played to its potential and has yet to deliver a 60 minute effort (game against Ottawa notwithstanding). By the end of November, I want to see that this team has made progresses and has reverted back to the hard work which gave them unbelievable success last season. I won't measure his success with wins, I will measure it will the effort, the determination, the on-ice quality. This team has the skill to completely dominate games. I WANT TO SEE THAT! And while that quote is very true, the coach has to be a catalyst and an advocator of that message. At this moment, Carbo is neither. **Of course I can't get into the dressing room, this is just me drawing conclusions**
  2. I give him one week, until the end of next Thursday's game against Ottawa, to get it together. Then I begin to seriously doubt him and question his ability to take this team to the Stanley Cup Final level.
  3. I think if Bob Gainey does what is best for the team and not for his personal life, replacing Carboneau is going to be a very real possibilty. I trust Gainey and I love what Carboneau has done but I see signs that he can't fully connect with his team this year. They are not playing how he wants and it shows with the product on the ice. This incosistency goes on much longer and it shows he is not the man to fix these problems.
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