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  1. There should be no distinction between heatshots and accidental headshots. Has anyone ever heard of a deliberate car collision? Of course not, they're called car accidents for a reason. There should always be consequeces for your actions. If you're the type of player who makes millions off of heavy hitting, then you are at risk of punishment if your style of play leads to injuries of another player. Any player who steps on the ice accepts a level of risk to injury. Any player who steps on the ice should also accept a level of automatic consequence for his action. It's reciprical. Every time the NHL starts to crack down on these plays, it's always the one-trick physical ponies who whine about it the most.
  2. I could put together a much larger video montage of boarding hits, and checking from behind hits that did not result in injuries either. Does this mean Brooks Orpik shouldn't have gotten two games for delivering Erik Cole with a spinal injury? The only way things will change is if NHL players collectively make a voice for change. The problem is a lot of these players are more concerned with becoming the next Chara than the next Pacioretty.
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