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  1. I dont watch football. I ve seen alot of comments on different media sites about "the play" So being curious i figured I would look it up. Now , bare in mind i know very little about the game other then how a touchdown works and that the closer you are to the enemy teams endzone the better your chances are to score. That being said, even I know you don't toss the ball when your that close. Run the damn thing to the end!
  2. oh for sure. All players have those stretches where nothing seems to go right . Pleks has one a year it seems. If Borque could replicate even his 40 point season with the Flames here I would be content.
  3. Which Rene will we see this time around? The guy who couldnt find the back of the net for strecthes or the guy who looked like a man on a mission during the play offs?
  4. to take a quote from hockeyinsideout "Blame it on Thomas Vanek, who has never been this close to a Stanley Cup and is doing nothing to get closer. "
  5. Reading through some of these posts I can't help but think of another player we had here for a while who use to look lazy but could turn it on at the drop of a hate. Kovalev If he is in that same vein of player (looks un interested, flaoting through the middle etc etc) you have to accept that. Those players are not like say Gallagher. A little ball of energy zipping along from zone to zone. With each game we win our chances of signing Vanek get a little better.
  6. I didnt think anything could beat the Leafs Meltdown against the Bruins, I was wrong This, this is 1000% better. To see the bruins come up short. MMMMMMM bruins tears, so delicious .
  7. ^ honestly doesn't surprise me. It's been mentioned before on here and on the broadcast but to restate it" The habs do not have the rivalry they do with the Bruins and the Leafs. Most of us (myself included) could care less about the Sens. But now? The League is banking on people to tune in to see how this game plays out after last nights penalty /fight fest. This is shaping up to be a series that will be remembered by both sides for a while , which again, puts people in the seats and has everyone watching the game.
  8. I saw this quote on hockeyinsideout.com and I have to agree with it. If the Canadiens think they can outmuscle Ottawa, this series is going to be over in five games. This is not 1976, when Scotty Bowman had a lineup that could score goals AND pound the snot out of the Broad St. Bullies. The 2013 Canadiens don’t have Pierre Bouchard, Rick Chartraw and Larry Robinson. They don’t have Chris Chelios to tune up Brian Propp. They don’t have Chris Nilan and John Kordic to throw down with the hated Nordiques. They don’t even have Todd Ewen.
  9. pj stock is living proof for why we should have mandatory sterilzation.
  10. same. Honestly i can't be mad at how the Sens are playing (well except for the diving and blind side hits) because we have done the same thing to many teams before. Rope a dope them for most of the game then snag a couple goals and ride the goalie to the end.
  11. like i said i cant watch the game so I tihnk you guys are making some of this u. every time i refresh the page your saying we are taking a penalty.
  12. looked decent and scoring are two different things we set a record for most shots in a period last game and that looked good on paper. Need to bury our chances.
  13. the way our PP has been that will just be a breather for the Sens
  14. lol if we go down the middle they will call us for charging
  15. and thats whats gonna sell the papers and the tickets. Those are the storys that people remember. Kind of like our playoff run when we knocked out the caps and the pens. Those are the kind of storys people remember. If this was say the islanders and the Pens I could see them calling more stuff to maybe give the Islanders a chance. I dont tihnkt he Sens need any extra help on this one.
  16. oh i know he was talking about markov. If i was going to bet on which hab would drop next he would be at the top of the list
  17. lol fantastic I'm at work and cant see the game but i am going to assume it's not one of the sens your talking about
  18. how is that possible? I am praying that we don't lose another 3 players to injury. don't get too excited, they have to actually make use of it first
  19. I remember when Shanahan stepped in and there was all this talk of cutting down on head shots and what not. Boy that lasted really long All i could think of was that line in "Won't get Fooled Again" - 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" It's sickening to think that if Gyrba does this again he will get another tap on the wrist.
  20. I honestly wish we had this guy going into the playoffs I would feel alot better having a veteran like Gill on the backend.
  21. ya habsinsideout is saying thursday and friday for the first 2 games not a big fan of back to back games for the playoffs
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