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  1. Good bye, Thomas. You'll be missed.
  2. Get well soon, Tim. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  3. The Jaguars won't lose this week....because they don't play.
  4. Les Jaguars ne perdront pas cette semaine... parce qu'ils ne jouent pas.
  5. I meant that the Broncos got caught with too many men on the field on a field goal attempt by the Redskins. Then the Redskins got a first down and scored a touchdown. I admit, that's not exactly "pulling a Saskatchewan Roughriders".
  6. The Denver Broncos "pulled a Saskatchewan Roughriders" today!
  7. Et c'est parti pour les jeux de mots avec Bowling !
  8. Allez, les Giants de New York !
  9. Je pense bien que les Penguins vont venir à bout des Bruins car on dit que Letang arrange les choses... lol
  10. The Maple Leafs have a chance of winning the Stanley Cup. This world is really going wrong. lol
  11. I wish Montréal would have "Red Men", just like Vancouver has the Green Men. Your thoughts?
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