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  1. Signing 6th and 7th pairing d-men instead of a top 4 is quickly becoming a favorite pasttime of the Habs. Wstch it do them in again when Markov gets injured. Notice I didn't say if.
  2. You can blame Malone all you want but the hit on Campoli proved he needs more strength when moving the puck. And of course it would behoove him to keep his head up. Hope he is okay.
  3. I hope he's able to make a full recovery. Just sad really.
  4. Everytime I look at his beard I ask myself if he has multiple trophies hanging on the wall - not from hockey but straight from the taxidermist.
  5. Brings a physical presence. Nice, well rested acquisition. Hope he doesn't bang up that shoulder again.
  6. I just hope the kid is okay. That was tough to watch.
  7. Halpern saved the embarrasment of Josh Gorges and Hal Gill being on ice for four goals instead of just 3.
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