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  1. Well, I was pushing hard for Allen but the reality is, theres no way that Bouillon was signed instead of Allen. If we had wanted Allen then signing or not signing Bouillon wouldnt have factored either way, imho. Cube will be (at best) a #6-7 dman.

    Had he signed here, Allen would have been called upon to be a top 4.

    The other thing to consider is that he (allen) signed a 3 year deal, its likely that he was looking for that sort of a commitment and I think you could argue that with our youth on defense, 3 years may be too long. I would have been happy with someone of Allen's ability for 1 or 2 years but 3 might have been too long. In 3 years time there would be a log jam. You could argue that at that point you could trade some people. but I could understand the resistance to not sign a "bandaid" to several years term.

    Time will tell if we are strong enough without adding someone like Allen. I have my doubts but it seems like Habs brass is content with their top 4, and defense corps in general if they are signing 3rd pairing defensemen so early in the offseason.

    Signing 6th and 7th pairing d-men instead of a top 4 is quickly becoming a favorite pasttime of the Habs. Wstch it do them in again when Markov gets injured. Notice I didn't say if.

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