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  1. If we lose in regulation there is no scenario we can get in tonight ?
  2. great work by everyone, beers will be on ice tomorrownight
  3. yea we would need 1 point plus the 2 bonus
  4. Yes we hold the breakers so therefore only the 2 is needed , gotcha now
  5. yes good to see you again, always great to be back on here!
  6. So a regulation win on Thursdaynight officially gets it done ?
  7. So is our Magic# 5 or 4, im hearing two different stories lol
  8. Awesome Ted, so anxious for this clinch after lastyears miss. we will wait for his conformation
  9. No bonuses available with the Islanders tomorrownight ?
  10. 2 bonuses if the Booins lose? would be awesome to be sitting at 6 at nights end
  11. We need to get some bonuses going to speed this thing up lol, getting anxious
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