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  1. If we lose in regulation there is no scenario we can get in tonight ?
  2. great work by everyone, beers will be on ice tomorrownight
  3. yea we would need 1 point plus the 2 bonus
  4. Yes we hold the breakers so therefore only the 2 is needed , gotcha now
  5. yes good to see you again, always great to be back on here!
  6. So a regulation win on Thursdaynight officially gets it done ?
  7. So is our Magic# 5 or 4, im hearing two different stories lol
  8. Awesome Ted, so anxious for this clinch after lastyears miss. we will wait for his conformation
  9. No bonuses available with the Islanders tomorrownight ?
  10. 2 bonuses if the Booins lose? would be awesome to be sitting at 6 at nights end
  11. We need to get some bonuses going to speed this thing up lol, getting anxious
  12. A stretch of 5 camp games in 7 days starting tonight
  13. We now know why 29 other teams passed on the guy
  14. he is a 7th defenseman on a really good team, this contract really really hurts for the amount of impact he has when the real hockey starts he just wears down so so easily
  15. Knowone currently on the team is carrying or is capable of carrying the torch of the past which is Stanley Cup championships, that isnt happening here anymore and like you say its time to drop it because the torch of the past is impossible to hold.
  16. Therrien is an emotional guy, he explains things emotionally
  17. same way as the first 2 games, first on the puck and using the speed
  18. yea a shout to Markov who actually competed and played hard
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