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  1. Nice, just herd on team990, that Max didn't file for arb. A deal is in the works.
  2. Sherlock Holmes 9/10 Really clever movie.
  3. Jacques Martin doesn't mess around. Hope Sergei smartens up. I guess I'll look forward to seeing him play on Wednesday in Oshawa.
  4. There's a pretty clear video on RDS.ca right now. "*****!" - JM Don't mess around with JM.
  5. Markov gets the 'A' Anyone else who has a grasp on the English language can take the 'C'
  6. Found a video. Looks like a pretty solid minded guy. Cheers Mac.
  7. So then: Scotiabank Place = Bell Centre #2 Nassau Coliseum = Bell Centre #3
  8. Lol...Toronto and their pre-game spot light introduction...zzzzz... I guess they ran out of cash after buying their new 'smallish' jumbotron, and paying out McCabe for leaving their organization. Nice to see you got good seats at the Buffalo game.
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