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  1. Haha. Well last time I saw the Ducks board, they were excited for the 1st round pick.
  2. It was all Koivu. So actually it was Ex-Habs VS. Ex-Habs.
  3. Yes. I mentionned that fact earlier. From what I see the Ducks defence sucks.
  4. <3 Halak. Someone should tell the Ducks that pushing a goalie and not the puck in the net doesn't make it a goal.
  5. Not sure if there are streams on the Web but I am listening to them on the web-radio. The link is on the St.Louis NHL page.
  6. I think that was already done this year. Anyways, for now the score is Price 0 - Halak 0.
  7. *puts back the war gear in the closet* Yes, sir. *cough*spoilsport*cough*
  8. Ah, the voice of reason ~ Everybody should listen to him. Hm, looks the same to me. Maybe something to do with how the eye perceives a different color or something.
  9. Then I guess we will see how tomorrow goes for our #31. Anyway, right now I am not worried about Halak. I'll start to worry if he doesn't play well during the regular season.
  10. I think because the mall itself locked their doors to the public a little bit after 5pm. So even if the shop wanted to stay opened, the mall security had to close the whole Fairview.
  11. I agree with Otto, Halak looks great in that picture. I also agree on the eyes comment. I think I will stare at the pretty until the season begins. :wub:
  12. Mr. Stubbs tweeted that Halak got asked by security to pack it up at 5h30. And then he went outside and took pictures and shook hands with the fans that were still there.
  13. Mr.Walsh of course. But he only knows that because some other perone said it was about 5000 people. But there are pictures of the line on twitter. And it goes even outside. And I am stuck at work On twitter Renauld Lavoie says: renhockey: Security person at Fairview said that it's' way more than 5000 peoples now waiting in line. They never expected that !!!
  14. Hello to all. I am stalking the forum since the season started, finally decided to join. Name: Margarita Hometown : Montreal, Quebec Born: Russia Age: 22 Favourite Current Hab: Jaroslav Halak, Andrei Markov, and Michael Cammalleri
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