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  1. This is the hit that injured him some time ago... ouch. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2015/11/17/9749786/nikita-scherbak-injury-video-hit-viktor-loov-icecaps-marlies-update-highlight-video
  2. I'm surprised by this comment as Gallagher seem to tire every shift after 15 seconds then he can barely skate until he gets back to the bench.
  3. NHL is a very different world, we can talk again once he tears it up in the NHL.
  4. Small is small, everyone knows it, no need to nitpick on words. We are a small team. As you said, St-Louis is an exception and hall of famer, so that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm saying. Size is one thing, but you need more than that, hence why Bourque isn't my favorite player either. We need players that are ready to work every night (who also have skills). Those players are hard to find though. All I said was several people keep saying Briere will be good in playoffs, which doesn't mean anything. What he's done was with a very different team so. I read some of that but that was a lot. Of course you need skill, I never said anything against that. You definitely need more than skills though (i.e.: look at Edmonton). Depth, a mix of young players and veterans, good D, etc. Again, all I'm saying is we'll never win the cup with several small players in the same team. Anyways, let's get back to Mr. Reway
  5. To me it is not ridiculous and I understand Regis. Sure small players have their place in the NHL and sure they can be on winning teams. The thing is usually they'll be in the medley of a regular or bigger size team so they can hold their own. The problem with the habs is we have too many of them. In the regular season it's not that big of a deal but in the playoffs, it's another ball game (Briere has good numbers in playoffs but he was also playing with the Flyers, different size team than the habs). If you look at the Western teams, they're dominating the league since a few years, especially due to their size and way of playing. We won't beat Chicago in a 7 games series with the team we have right now. Sure it's great to have success in the regular season but for me the only goal is the Stanley Cup and I'd like a team that I know can win the hard games and a tough demanding schedule. That's why I'm way more interested in a guy like Jacob De La Rose.
  6. That goal today at the Bell Centre was a beauty, backhand top corner against Budaj.
  7. I think Jacob De La Rose will prove to be a fantastic choice.
  8. Here are the final stats : Scrimmage 1 : Fucale (7 saves on 8 shots) Scrimmage 2 : Fucale (13 saves on 14 shots) Scrimmage 3 : Fucale (7 saves on 7 shots)
  9. That's gonna be a great experience for him to learn from the pros
  10. He should be in the AHL (IMHO).
  11. That was before his injuries though, he's not the same player anymore and needs help from his partner. That's not a knock against Markie he's still a good player, just not like he used to.
  12. Oh definitely. I'm guessing Tinordi will be called up? (I doubt they'll play Weber or Kaberle)
  13. Well, I was hoping after a few days working with the system, he would get better. Unfortunately, I thought he was even worst tonight. He gets overrun 1vs1 often against the ramp, he was out of position several times, couldn't get the puck out of the zone a few times. Overall, we got stuck often in our zone when he was on the ice. If Emelin is hurt for some time, this D is not looking good for 5-6 position.
  14. Often out of position and a bit dangerous in the D-zone. Not my favorite player so far.
  15. He was more effective on the left side, especially for body checks. It's too bad our defense is one sided and he has to play on the wrong side
  16. Not really. The trade mentioned giving Tinordi or Beaulieu, another prospect and a draft pick. So you'd end up giving 3 prospects. People seem to forget we lost a certain Ryan McDonagh in the Gomez trade (now I agree Gomez vs Bouwmeester isn't the same thing but still). Imagine the team we'd have now with McDonagh in the lineup. I'm not even mentioning his overpaid contract (Bouw.). Don't be so fast to give up our young players.
  17. I would not touch Bouwmeester with a 10 foot pole, that would be a really bad trade that would haunt us for years. This is exactly how you kill the future of an organization.
  18. Cole was watching that play while eating a hotdog on the beach. Come on, some effort Cole. Very bad game for him tonight (and considering the other games since the start of the season, that's saying something).
  19. That's pretty much how I see it. Often when people look at goalies they only look at the numbers, but the important thing is to watch the details. What kind of rebound does he give? Can he control them? Can he find the puck quickly around him? Is he too deep in his net? Does he over-move on left-right shifts? Can he control the puck/pass when other team dumps the puck? Does he give confidence to his team when in the net? etc. When you look at all of those, Budaj is weak in all of them IMHO.
  20. We would have won this game with Carey, not even a question. I hope we won't play Budaj much this season, the last two games he played were painful to watch.
  21. The problem about Nokes is he does nothing except faceoffs. Other than that, he's completely invisible on the ice. So I would rather have anybody else in the lineup than him.
  22. ugh... what the... grrr!! This totally blows.
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