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  1. Wow! That's big! I often feel that a big part of Gallagher's success is his endurance. It can really add something your game late in a shift

    I'm surprised by this comment as Gallagher seem to tire every shift after 15 seconds then he can barely skate until he gets back to the bench.

  2. Habs prospect drafted in the 4th round tears up the WJHC and makes Canada's defence look foolish. People complain that he's short.

    Never change Habs fans, never change. If a guy this skilled was 6'4" he'd have been a top 10 pick.

    NHL is a very different world, we can talk again once he tears it up in the NHL.

  3. Here's why I can't take that line of argument entirely seriously. Define "small", "normal", and "big". With names, peak years, and so on. Quoting height/weight ranges won't do it, because I guarantee I'll be able to nitpick and provide corollaries to any player you name.

    Small is small, everyone knows it, no need to nitpick on words. We are a small team.

    Suppose I said we might consider trading for a 6'2" winger who's scored almost 30 goals in the past and has had suspension problems for borderline hits. That's what the team needs, right? Congratulations, I present to you Rene Bourque.

    That's a little bit unfair, I admit. How about another guy. He hasn't had less than 80 points in the last five full seasons, is over PPG in the playoffs during his career, and played almost 500 straight games at one point. Yep. Martin St-Louis.

    I expect that here's where you'll tell me that Bourque may be bigger than normal, but he doesn't "play" big. Or that St-Louis is exceptional. Which are both true. Because... each player is different. Hal Gill was not Zdeno Chara. Our Daniel Briere is not Doug Gilmour. And pretending that you can condense a player's value to a team down with a single (or two) oversimplified statistics is not grounded in reality. It's a mistake, and it's the kind of mistakes that set back teams headed in the right direction. It's a mistake I sincerely hope the organization doesn't make.

    As you said, St-Louis is an exception and hall of famer, so that doesn't have anything to do with what I'm saying. Size is one thing, but you need more than that, hence why Bourque isn't my favorite player either. We need players that are ready to work every night (who also have skills). Those players are hard to find though.

    As for the Flyers, how many cups did Briere win with them?

    All I said was several people keep saying Briere will be good in playoffs, which doesn't mean anything. What he's done was with a very different team so.

    To begin with, I dispute that it can be stated as simple fact that the west "dominates the league". The western conference has a better record in the regular season against the east than vice versa at the moment. But you talk about the playoffs being more important, and that's all any sports fan really cares about, anyway. Looking at the playoffs, five of the last eight cup winners were from the west (one of those teams is now in the east, and isn't exactly destroying the conference). Looking at those cup winning teams (apart from Detroit), I see one unifying factor in their victories, and it isn't "size", it's high-end talent. Particularly first round draft picks, particularly top-10 draft picks, and particularly multiple ones. Do you think Chicago wins anything without Toews and Kane? Do you think Pittsburgh wins anything without Crosby and Malkin? Do you think Anaheim wins anything without Getzlaf and Perry? Hot goaltending can probably be thanked/blamed for Carolina, Boston, and Los Angeles. But don't forget that those teams had high draft picks as well in Staal, Seguin, and Kopitar.

    The West has won more President's trophies since the lockout. I guess San Jose and Vancouver are overjoyed about those.

    As for whether or not we'd beat Chicago in a 7-game series right now, chances are quite likely we wouldn't without a hot goaltender stealing it. Chicago has a veritable all-star team with perennial Jack Adams coaching, a well-seasoned mixture of youth, veterans, talent, hard work, and goaltending. It doesn't say anything comparing two teams that are so completely apart in their life cycles. One team has had multiple high draft picks (not to mention a whole lot of luck, by the way) and 5 years of "prime" time since concluding its rebuild, one team has had one top-5 draft pick and has multiple young players who are still yet to reach their primes. There's severe issues with this team (not just the roster), but the fact that it's not the Chicago Blackhawks shouldn't legitimately surprise anyone.

    Chicago would almost certainly beat us in a 7-game series at the moment because they have significantly more skill, are deeper at every position (except perhaps goaltending), are consistently better coached by a wide margin, and have much more experience than us. Size is way down on the list of reasons why Chicago is a better team right now.

    One team has repeated in the cap era. Out of a maximum of 16 possible cup finalists, there have been 12. Out of a maximum of 32 possible conference finalists, there have been 19. The team with the most conference finals appearances? Three-way tie. Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, all with three. Teams with two appearances? Boston, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, Carolina, and Philadelphia, and Buffalo.

    Is Chris Pronger the kind of guy who helps you have a team you "know" can win the hard games? Apparently not, because he went to three cup finals in the cap era and lost twice. How about Lucic? 1 for 2, a part of two amazing chokes in the "hard games", including the 2010 semis against Philly.

    I read some of that but that was a lot. Of course you need skill, I never said anything against that. You definitely need more than skills though (i.e.: look at Edmonton). Depth, a mix of young players and veterans, good D, etc.

    Again, all I'm saying is we'll never win the cup with several small players in the same team.

    Anyways, let's get back to Mr. Reway :)

  4. The size meme is getting ridiculous. If the organization started completely ignoring all players under 6'4", would anyone be happy? No, because the first smaller skilled player we could've drafted but didn't would produce an impressive cacophony about how "the team refuses to draft skilled players".

    Martin has had an impressive tournament and looks to be quite an exciting and promising player. Hopefully the organization remembers scoring goals is slightly important in hockey and doesn't throw him away to increase our position on the NHL average height/weight chart. Which is slightly less relevant in April than the eastern conference standings.

    To me it is not ridiculous and I understand Regis. Sure small players have their place in the NHL and sure they can be on winning teams. The thing is usually they'll be in the medley of a regular or bigger size team so they can hold their own. The problem with the habs is we have too many of them. In the regular season it's not that big of a deal but in the playoffs, it's another ball game (Briere has good numbers in playoffs but he was also playing with the Flyers, different size team than the habs).

    If you look at the Western teams, they're dominating the league since a few years, especially due to their size and way of playing. We won't beat Chicago in a 7 games series with the team we have right now.

    Sure it's great to have success in the regular season but for me the only goal is the Stanley Cup and I'd like a team that I know can win the hard games and a tough demanding schedule.

    That's why I'm way more interested in a guy like Jacob De La Rose.

  5. Canadiens have decided to bring only five goaltenders to camp, and the only netminder advancing from the rookie camp is Zachary Fucale, who was selected in the second round (36th overall) in June. Fucale will eventually be returned to the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, but not before he is given a chance to play against grown-ups.

    That's gonna be a great experience for him to learn from the pros :)

  6. The highlight of my evening: seeing how Beaulieu's face totally lit up when he "saw" the play to make on Eller's second goal. I was sitting at ice level almost straight in front of where he was, saw him hesitate then it was like in the cartoons, I could almost see the light bulb above his head. I may sound trivial but it was pretty special when it happened :)

    Like this? :)

  7. Oh man. :ph34r: Good luck Drewiske.

    Positive. Markov has taken regular defenders before and turned them into highly sought after UFAs. (ie. Mike Komisarek).

    That was before his injuries though, he's not the same player anymore and needs help from his partner. That's not a knock against Markie he's still a good player, just not like he used to.

  8. Well, I was hoping after a few days working with the system, he would get better. Unfortunately, I thought he was even worst tonight. He gets overrun 1vs1 often against the ramp, he was out of position several times, couldn't get the puck out of the zone a few times. Overall, we got stuck often in our zone when he was on the ice.

    If Emelin is hurt for some time, this D is not looking good for 5-6 position.

  9. Emelin has become a liability lately IMO... but playing the right-side defense with Markov may not be the ideal spot for him.

    He was more effective on the left side, especially for body checks. It's too bad our defense is one sided and he has to play on the wrong side :(

  10. A bit over dramatic, no? He would be the 2nd best defenseman on the team (after Subban), and he's only got one more year on his contract anyway. His contract would be up at the same time as Gionta, Markov, Diaz, Emelin, and Subban, we'd have plenty of money to throw around if we want to keep J-Bo or extend Subban long term, and if Gionta and Markov are still around they'll be getting big pay cuts. Don't get too caught up in the cap hit itself, the specifics of the contract and our cap situation make it less of an issue.

    The only issue is that instead of a rental player we'd have to make an actual hockey trade, but personally I'd be willing to do something around Tinordi or Beaulieu if that's what it takes. I'm not saying we need to push hard on it, but I would love Bouwmeester here. There'd have to be some salary going the other way to fit him in this year though, that's the only issue (because Gomez's cap hit still counts for this season).

    As for Beaulieu himself, glad to get a chance to see him work at the NHL level. That, and he provides some offense that's been sorely needed on the 2nd wave ever since Diaz got hurt and we decided Kaberle wasn't going to play in Montreal ever again.

    Not really. The trade mentioned giving Tinordi or Beaulieu, another prospect and a draft pick. So you'd end up giving 3 prospects. People seem to forget we lost a certain Ryan McDonagh in the Gomez trade (now I agree Gomez vs Bouwmeester isn't the same thing but still). Imagine the team we'd have now with McDonagh in the lineup. I'm not even mentioning his overpaid contract (Bouw.). Don't be so fast to give up our young players.

  11. I think one of Beulieu or Tinordi will be part of a trade for a Top End Deeman

    Beulieu or Tinordi, another prospect, second round pick , kaberle

    to Calgary...We can then use our buyout on another player if needed at season end.

    Jay Bouwmeester to Montreal

    I would not touch Bouwmeester with a 10 foot pole, that would be a really bad trade that would haunt us for years. This is exactly how you kill the future of an organization.

  12. Brutal game IMO. Fighting the puck all night, making even routine saves look difficult. he did make a few scrambling saves in the 2nd, but he made the saves way more difficult than they had to be. Not to mention he was pretty terrible on 3 of the goals.

    That's pretty much how I see it. Often when people look at goalies they only look at the numbers, but the important thing is to watch the details. What kind of rebound does he give? Can he control them? Can he find the puck quickly around him? Is he too deep in his net? Does he over-move on left-right shifts? Can he control the puck/pass when other team dumps the puck? Does he give confidence to his team when in the net? etc.

    When you look at all of those, Budaj is weak in all of them IMHO.

  13. Yup and a nice plan. Habs are struggling in the circle on face offs. He can help against the better teams in the circle. I like having him around. But I like Palushaj as a 3rd or 4th lineer - so what do I know. There's some decent plugs if any of the bottom 6 get hurt. That's a good thing. Blunden too.

    The problem about Nokes is he does nothing except faceoffs. Other than that, he's completely invisible on the ice. So I would rather have anybody else in the lineup than him.

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