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  1. Well I don't judge players on expectations but on how they play each game. It's kind of fun to watch the time spent in our own zone when some D are on the ice. Big difference. When Markov is there, he gets that puck out very fast. He battles for it, gets it, boom pass and we're on the O. With Kaberle on, the other team is usually cycling our zone because Kaberle does not get physical, he just pokes with his stick from afar and not entering the player's space. He also gives the blue line pretty easily. I'm not comparing Markov to Kaberle by the way (it would be very unfair), just a general reference. Diaz has improved a lot, he's more aggressive. Bouillon we all know how he is along the boards. Emelin is very agressive as well. Gorges will always battle for the puck.
  2. He had an injury this year in the KHL (body check to the face or something like that).
  3. I don't really see the positive sides that people see so far this year. I think people rely too much on what he did in the past. He was not good defensively tonight against the Caps (turn overs again, just like the last 2 games), same thing offensively (he's pretty much invisible). On the PowerPlay he waits way too long with the puck which means the defensive guy has time to get right on him and break the play. I guess "soft" just describes his play the best.
  4. I have strong confidence Raphael will become a steady player, good guy too.
  5. He did several mistakes yesterday.. we'll have to see over the next few games how he performs.
  6. I like Prust a lot, he has decent speed, not bad hands at all, can body check/fight and plays well on the PK, which is a big plus.
  7. His leg got hurt (I think it was on Gallagher's shootout). He finished the shoutout but you could see he was not comfortable. Let's hope it's not too bad (we should know more details tomorrow), otherwise we're screwed.
  8. Invited to Habs camp He has definitely improved since the start of the season. Big body, can play great in 5vs3 or PK situations. I can't wait until he's on the team, great future for this guy.
  9. Well deserved, he's been playing great lately. I don't see him making the team this year though, but it's a good candy to get
  10. I really enjoy this kid. He's fast, can play well on the PK, can fight, can throw body checks, has energy shifts, etc. He's a true team player who'll go to war for his teammates. Exactly the kind of guy we need on a fourth line.
  11. Good post I think we're on the same page for most of these. Time will tell what will happen this year. I want to be optimistic (as every start of year) but it's a bit hard right now.
  12. I have to agree with you on most points. Unfortunately we're stuck with either "older players who are on the decline" or "enigmatic players who are not living up to their potential". That's pretty much what we're stuck with talent wise right now. The only "solid" offensive forward players we have (IMHO) are Pacioretty and Plekanec. For me, those are the only two (for this year). Here are the lingering questions : - Can Gionta score 20-25 goals? - Can DD rack up more points than last year? - Can Cole repeat last season's numbers? - Can Bourque score? - Can Eller rack up points? That's a lot of unknown for your offensive players.
  13. Especially since he has a wife and kids and I'm sure he would love to spend more time with them. Being a hockey player and always on the move, not much time to be a dad and see his kids grow up.
  14. I'm not the one who initially compared them to assembly line workers, I was replying to another post who mentioned them earlier. Please read the entire thread.
  15. Would love to make their salaries, not sure in what world they live but certainly not mine. Even at 60,000, as I said if you get 1 million in 2 years, you can invest it right away and benefit from that for 40 years. At 60,000 a year, that's not the same game. Plus, Darche will get a salary after he plays so that 1 million is free in his pocket, so to speak.
  16. Hockey players don't stop working for the next 30 years of their life though, so they do get a salary like any other person + whatever they made through hockey. They are millionnaires, don't kid yourself. Plus, all that money you get into a very short period of time, which mean you can invest it and other stuff and gain from that for years. You can't do that if you earn 30-40k a year.
  17. Assembly line worker would get paid not very much, let's say 30000$ a year, multiply that by 40 years, that's 1.2 million dollars. Budaj makes that in 1 year. He's now played 7 years (going into his 8th), so you can add up that cash pile. So maybe I'm confused here but the numbers don't add up.
  18. Galchenyuk has nothing left to prove in the juniors. It's pretty useless for him to play there right now. He needs to learn from professional players in the NHL. You can't compare Galchenyuk to other players (Latendresse), every person is different and will react differently from situations. Galch is a very serious and committed guy (just look at his conditioning regiment). I would personally put him with Plekanec on the "second" line. Pleky is a great role model to follow, his work ethic and respect is amazing.
  19. I hope not too Hopefully he can prove me wrong.
  20. I've watched him for several games and so far he's not impressive at all. I even have doubts he'll ever make anything happen at NHL level.
  21. That's pretty surprising, he was awful last year.
  22. I saw him at the Camp last year, he's a pretty bad skater.
  23. I'm sorry but this guy does pretty much nothing on the ice (please don't say he's good at faceoffs..), so IMHO he should be replaced by pretty much... anybody.
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