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  1. Ellis has played the last 2 games (Nash is sitting out since then).
  2. Video of Cole "bombing" Pacioretty's signing, hehe! He's awesome http://video.canadiens.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=66&id=185750〈=en
  3. They're crazy expensive, I stopped going a few years ago. They'll always find a way to make us pay more so that it pays them (players and owners) more.
  4. They're just moving it, I don't see the reason.
  5. I think that's neat, I don't get all the negativity around it.
  6. We booted him because of his attitude, I don't see why we would want him back. Plus, Sergei is mainly a passer, not a scorer.
  7. Oh he definitely is better than Bourque, that's for sure, no question there
  8. Let's take a non-russian example, René Bourque. His work ethic is very questionnable, yet he's not russian. Yes he scored 27 goals twice, but to me I prefer players who work hard every shift. I would not have offered him a contract if he was in the same situation as Semin, but that's just me.
  9. It's not a "racism" case, let's relax here. You have to look at the player you're gonna get and in both those guys, their inconsistency and "lack of effort" are genuine concerns for any team (not to mention doubtful attitude at times).
  10. Ahh yes I see him now, pretty sure it's Gill as well, just his posture and skating.
  11. If he hates speedos, he's got good taste!
  12. Agreed on Plekanec, and Gomez has no business being on a 2nd line.
  13. Hmm I don't see anyone kneeling at 24 and 34 seconds? As for the player at 16 seconds going backwards, it seems to be Hal Gill (#75).
  14. I agree with you, I don't think you can put Emelin higher than the second pairing (and I love the guy).
  15. I understand what you mean, although I don't think you can ever have enough hard competitors and players of the type Prust/White/Moen on your bottom 6. We all saw what hapenned last season when Moen was all alone trying to police the entire team. Having 3 guys like that would be a big plus (checking, fighting, etc.) imho.
  16. I disagree, White for me is a must have on the team. He brings such energy on the ice and is a good teammate who will stick up for others. He also has speed, can play physical, can fight and can play on the PK. He has multiple tools. Geoffrion I see him as a AHLer right now. He needs to play on offensive lines so keeping him on a 4th line would not make much sense to me. I really hope we don't see the same things as last year such as Palushaj on a 4th line and stuff like that.
  17. White should be centering the 4th line.
  18. Only problem with Minnesota is Backstrom is getting old, 34 years already (ah I just noticed he was born on the same day and year than me!).
  19. That is good to hear for Gallagher I like the kid already.
  20. Oh I didn't mean it that we were a better destination for sure I really thought he'd go for a better team like Detroit, Pittsburgh or something like that.
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