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  1. We can't get it done against bottom dwellers that have nothing to lose. I just don't see us beating the hungry Jets tonight with our track record.
  2. What happened to our team since the blowout in Toronto? I don't understand the sudden transformation from an "elite" team to a beer league overnight. Is it politics in the dressing room? The Bird Flu, what??
  3. Habs are every team's dream of 2 easy points. Disgusting weak display again....
  4. why are there 3 Devils in the blue paint? Where is our defense again??
  5. I thought Moen was already scratched the past few games. Never saw him!
  6. Ugh, the Slugs. Will we take our foot off the gas in the 2nd again for loss # 4 against this team or finally beat them?
  7. If we can keep the puck of our zone 75% of the time, there will be a chance.
  8. I think we are the only team that consistently give the Isles 2 easy points.
  9. It would appear we can't get it done without Gally in the lineup
  10. But this has been going on since he started as coach and has been a problem before him. Julien is doing a great job with Boston but was sent packing from Montreal. Therrien and the Pens, flying boot from here as well. We have a change in players but the attitude and consistency is the same. Is the team cursed? Who do you blame anymore? The fans?
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