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  1. 100% Great movie to go watch at the the movie theaters You will jump, You will scream....
  2. New Mel Gibson movie there Darkness 12/10
  3. Hes been nothing but a huge positive this season.... He took a few bad penalties, im sure he will be spoken too and will no longer take these bad penalties. Dont forget this is a 3rd 4th line checker, who has a bigger role playing on our team
  4. Keep him around as our team is dropping like flies... To think the flu hasnt even hit out team yet and were missing sooooooo many players, Just such a waste of a 1st round pick...
  5. Chips with his C000000, 0's are 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 points, 0 hits, 0 shots, Chips = 0
  6. Hard to say if we sign him or not.. As he isnt a big peice, he could be replacable,, kind of reminds me of. Smoke,bonk,lang and so on, All decent players but all replacable. Hard to say if we should keep him or not... I wouldnt mind having a 6'5 center taking his place.. At the same time, i doubt the 6'5 guy will have the hands @ metro, as if he did he wouldnt be getting the lousy 1 million paycheck that metro is receiving
  7. The man with the hands Roofs it from 6 inches away from the net Awsome
  8. Sure latendress isnt having the best of season.. Seems JM doesnt like his style of play... That all being said, Chips is just as bad, if not worse,, I have 0 confidence in Chips, and i hope he doesnt come back unless we have even more injuries on this team.. heck were pretty muc playing as a AHL team as is
  9. Able to drop gloves.. Guy wears a visor and uses it as a shield....100% his helmet is on as tight as possible... Probably tightens it up before he fights
  10. Sure he could have walked,, But is the local home depot hiring these days? He isnt a nhl caliber player.. If we could get a pick for him id jump @ the oppurtunity... Easily pick someone else off of waivers who can do better
  11. Acquired: 1st pick (18 overall), 2004 NHL Entry Draft Thats what hurts the most.. He was our 1st round pick.. If it wasnt for us not wanting to give up hope on him, and him accepting league minimum he would not be part of the club.. 99% Sure he walks away after this season, and we get 0 in return... Total waste of a first round draft pikc
  12. metro is 5x the player chips will ever be
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