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  1. What do you suggest? Let him play more & see if he gets better or cut him loose now instead of waiting till the end of the season?

    Keep him around as our team is dropping like flies... To think the flu hasnt even hit out team yet and were missing sooooooo many players,

    Just such a waste of a 1st round pick...

  2. Hard to say if we sign him or not.. As he isnt a big peice, he could be replacable,, kind of reminds me of.

    Smoke,bonk,lang and so on, All decent players but all replacable.

    Hard to say if we should keep him or not... I wouldnt mind having a 6'5 center taking his place.. At the same time, i doubt the 6'5 guy will have the hands @ metro, as if he did he wouldnt be getting the lousy 1 million paycheck that metro is receiving

  3. Sure latendress isnt having the best of season..

    Seems JM doesnt like his style of play... That all being said,

    Chips is just as bad, if not worse,,

    I have 0 confidence in Chips, and i hope he doesnt come back unless we have even more injuries on this team..

    heck were pretty muc playing as a AHL team as is

  4. Zero points is not good. But his face-offs numbers were good. He was working hard. His ability to kill penalties is good. Chips is able to drop the gloves which our team seemed to lack against the Flames. I would rather see Chips in the lineup right now then a couple of the other forwards. Either as a center or winger.

    Able to drop gloves.. Guy wears a visor and uses it as a shield....100% his helmet is on as tight as possible... Probably tightens it up before he fights

  5. He could have walked this past off-season but didn't and signed for one year at 1/2 a million. There is still a lot of season left the way I see it and he will play. Keep in mind the fact that he had off-season surgery to repair his shoulder and missed the pre-season. Though it hasn't been made public, perhaps he still needs more time for that shoulder and is being scratched for that reason.

    Sure he could have walked,, But is the local home depot hiring these days?

    He isnt a nhl caliber player.. If we could get a pick for him id jump @ the oppurtunity... Easily pick someone else off of waivers who can do better

  6. Acquired: 1st pick (18 overall), 2004 NHL Entry Draft

    Thats what hurts the most.. He was our 1st round pick.. If it wasnt for us not wanting to give up hope on him, and him accepting league minimum he would not be part of the club..

    99% Sure he walks away after this season, and we get 0 in return... Total waste of a first round draft pikc

  7. Na iv always been a fan of this guy... I remember hearing Pj Stock talk about him the day it happened... I was soo confused as i normally hear about the trades/new players and all of that right away.

    Anyways pj only spoke good things anout metro... I then saw him play, and noticed he has KOVY type hands out there... Just in a midgets body..

    Great player, hopefully he feels better for tomorrows game, He was on the team bus today, and my buddy in pitsburg got his autograph. Aswell as many other players from the team... But i found it funny that he got metro's autograph ;)

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