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  1. ................................. I HOPE NOT INJURED
  2. You have to love the way hes been using his body out there along the boards.. He is really really getting good at it..
  3. Crb so what ur saying is that..... Seeing as we have bergeron, we can go ahead and trade Markov.. As he is no longer needed..... Check
  4. it just doesnt make any sense that he could be that bad.. Im sure alot of it had to do with nerves/ he shouldnt have been on the ice after that hit Clearly he got a concussion as they were all saying on TSN, which means he should have been taken off of the ice
  5. come on hes hardly a fighter, hardly a hitter, 0 offense, no shot, not a good passer, I agree we could easily take a pass on him The only reason why hes still around is becasue of his 500k salary..
  6. I only really started watching after the hit, and i didnt know what he was doing out there, many bone headed moves, on D and in the offensive zone, but im sure alot of it has to do with that hit...
  7. metro dominates this guy.. Maybe just mabe next season he'll be ready but hpow many times have we said that now?
  8. Was it because of the hit he looked totally lost all game. I sure hope soo
  9. From tsn aswell The Montreal Canadiens recalled defenceman Marc-Andre Bergeron from the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs on Sunday. The Canadiens also assigned defenseman Shawn Belle to the Bulldogs. - Media Release About TIME. Someone who has a knack for scoring..... At this point, who cares about his D is, We need someoe who can put the puck toward the Net. It was HORRIBLE last game, we had lik 1000 shots blocked and 10000 shots miss the net. Someone please Hit the net, im sure he will be our man
  10. How long do we need to keep this guy down there, We have 0 OFFENCE, call him up already
  11. Anyone else think we should make a trade for him?
  12. but a bullet proof vest on him, and tell him to get out there for us We havent won a single game with out him
  13. I just read he racked u 2 assists tonight WOOHOOO
  14. Whats wrong with him How long is he expected to be out? How come hes not on the IR save that cap space!
  15. I bet hes 100x better then Webber was lst night Man we really gotto stop rushing our prospects into the league, not only do they look horrible and hurt the team, But its gotto crush there confidence. Welcome Bergerion
  16. How have we already have 3 injured guys in 2 games. Wow we are cursed
  17. Well atleast thats good news.... Seeing as metro is now injured were going to need him out there. THat being said, he cant ever compare to metro... Im just afraid of having to many rookies out there Pacthes/Chips/Dags/stewart/ Possibly another D now.. Jeeze... if u thought we were out played the first 2 games... Just wait
  18. Come on signing Koivu as a second line center, That would be amazing... He will do great in anahiem
  19. I remember seeing him last season, and making the remark that he has the hands of kovalev, Just the body of a shrimp.... GReat to see those hands in action again
  20. Is it on utube yet? If not someone post it already
  21. Amazing game by him, iv always really liked this guy, i just wish he was bigger, Great plat to setup Moen for the 2nd goal, and then what a goal to tie up the game.. the man has amazing hands.
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