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  1. Im expecting big things from him.. Last season he was great, lets hope he has more steam in the tank.. As his board work was amazing, it just seemed as if his 5-15 seconds of controlling the puck along the boards he would tucker out and then just give the puck away with a bad pass... but the board work was SUPER
  2. Ur sitting to close? How do u even see the other side of the ice? Flhabsfan Great pics the one you have with Koivu and Lang http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v488/Glaydor/kovylang.jpg Is Kovy + Lang, not koivu... Just a heads up
  3. Wow, Amazing pics Heck my pics from the bell center are from row 300 + It looks like ur with in arms reach
  4. If someone can get a good team shot. It would be awsome..I had one a few seasons ago of them all kneeling down listening to the coach during a open practice. Pretty awsome shot. Would be good to get one with the new roster
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