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  1. why would you say that? hes off to a good start, hes got 2 points in 2 games and hes throwing his weight around
  2. you may hate him....but you can be sure almost everyone in the league hates him even more and that kinda means hes doing his job to a T max aint a fighter, hes there to throw hits, forecheck like crazy, put up some points here and there and make everyone hate his guts and be a distraction to the other team.
  3. thats why i wanted to keep moore i still wish we did
  4. pyatt boyd and laps sounds like a nuce third line. i love this kid, he will have a lot of fans after this season
  5. metro!!!! wow!!!! oh man how could you not love this guy
  6. can you believe we gave gomez 7 mil when we have a ppg marksman right here all along? i love metro, i liked it when we picked him up and i loved what he did last year and is continuing to do. winning teams have guys like metro and moen on them. they keep is in games every night with their lunchboxery
  7. all true in fact i had been thinking this year what a nice surprise it is that chips fights as well as he does. hes a tough kid and like you said way better in the circle than last year
  8. after last years playoffs i cant believe how many of you still didnt want him
  9. i really like him back there. what do we do when guys start coming back?
  10. wow, a goal from the point! its like some kind of wonderful dream...
  11. isnt it funny even the emergency pickup gets injured instantly? :S
  12. :lol: im excited to see him. as long as hes a decent plug and hits the net with a good one timer on the PP its an improvement.
  13. if he can bring a moen like game why not just use him on the wing. sub in for laraque. his main problem was faceoffs after all
  14. dont we remember how good he did in the playoffs? im really happy we have this guy. him and moen look very solid out there
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