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  1. I was at the Habs-Wild game when he started, but honestly I can't base much of an opinion on one preseason game. Rockin' mask, though!
  2. False The poster below me is a Godzilla fan
  3. True Wait, I mean false! FALSE!!! The poster below me enjoys anchovies on pizza
  4. True (Careyslav Pralak forever!) The poster below celebrates every time the Leafs lose.
  5. He does? Hmm... Tell Bob to sign me to a $5 million contract. I will sit in the press box every day.
  6. Oh boy, it was a mutual breakup? This certainly makes those "how dare the Habs treat their heart and soul like a fourth line goon" comments seem out of line. Enjoy the new scenery in Quackville, and thanks for all the memories!
  7. I got my hands on a second Canadiens centennial loonie today. Awesome. Oh, and I win.
  8. Hey, thanks for saving me the trouble of finding that picture. You're a real help.
  9. I don't care how big your image is, it doesn't change the fact that I'm winning.
  10. From the Habs-Islanders last Saturday: End of the game and postgame celebration: Sorry if the light's bad, but my digital camera doesn't work too well in the dark.
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