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  1. i get into alot of trouble wearing my beloved habs jersey in the streets of toronto and @ school. never the less i won't stop wearing it... I LOVE THE HABS!!!
  2. hello... i am in highschool and live in toronto. my favourite hab is definately SAKU!!!. I have an authentic koivu jersey. that is my favourite hab possesion. my favourite all time habs are richard and koivu... overall i love the habbs
  3. hey... i am a leafs fan and a habs fan too... i will cheer for the habs first tho, then montreal, then edmonton, then detroit. my mom is from montreal and i was raised liking the habs bu i ilive in toronto
  4. nn e 1 no where is can get high resolution koivu desktop wallpaper?
  5. i think that the habs can go all the way this year (under koivu)
  6. i am from ontario (toronto) and I LOVE THE HABS!!!
  7. riot by three days grace is a great rock song. all of three days graces' songs r briliant... figures, they r canadian. i also like SOAD and alexisonfire
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