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  1. Really good on face-offs. The coach sometimes put Halpern out as a 2nd center if the 1st center is kicked out of the face-off circle. Good on PK. However I think he could be a little better 5 on 5 offensively.
  2. Has the talent to play in the top 6 IMO! However I am fine with Pouliot on the 3rd/4th line as he is landing some checks and has had a few opportunities to score. However Gomez and Gionta are having a bad start to the season. So everyone points their finger at Pouliot. I think the finger should be pointed at JM, Gomez, and Gionta. So why not try this. Put Cammi with Gomez and Gionta. Put either Pouliot or Eller with Pleks and Kostitsyn. I would lean towards trying Pouliot. If Cammi does not get the G&G line going then the issue is with Gomez. Good luck trading Gomez and his huge salary. I am hopeful that Cammi will fix the G&G line. I doubt that Pouliot can fix the G&G line.
  3. I was at the game on Friday in Buffalo. I personally thought that Laps was just brutal at getting the puck out of our zone several times against the Sabres. It is sort of funny. Laps seems to be driving other players nuts which is good for our team. Laps seems to be forechecking fairly well. However his lack of willingness to take a hit to get the puck out of zone could have easily resulted in goals for the Sabres. Price and the D played well when Laps forgot that getting the puck out was important. Hopefully this was just a bad game for Laps.
  4. They might not want to pay $1.5 / $2 million but they would occasionally. As bad as it might sound they would pay more for Lapierre because he is from Quebec. Therefore I hope that Lapierre plays this coming season like he did two years ago. And then the team has to pay him between $1.5 and $2 million for the next season. The Habs do have enough cap space to pay out a few million for players that have good seasons in 2010-11. Not a huge amount but enough. Plus they also have several big contracts expiring next summer. I don't believe that Lapierre is top 6 caliber. However during stretches over the past 2 seasons Lapierre has played well enough to have a guranteed contract with our team and a secure position on the 3rd line. It will be interesting who become his regular linemates this season.
  5. Sounds like a good contract for both. Lapierre had a really bad regular season and then a good playoffs. $900k seems to be based on the combination while the one year deal makes both sides happy. Lapierre will want to prove that he is worth $1.5 million and the team can afford to walk or re-sign at the end of the one year deal.
  6. It is funny. Chips was playing better every game and he gets sent to the press box. I actually like White and Pyatt especially on the PK. However, Latendresse is wasting a roster spot currently. I disagree about A.Kostitsyn. I think Andrei is playing better and will get some goals soon. It is ironic that Chips gave at least 10 great passes to Latendresse that should have resulted in 7+ goals. Latendresse scored zero times on the great passes. So Chips has zero points thanks to Latendresse (the next superstar) failing to do his job. Life is funny. The three worse games for Chips were his first three games when he was still in pre-season game condition thanks to missing training camp and pre-season recovering from surgery. Chips decided to wear a visor to protect his eyes. Yet some fans complain that he wears a visor. Well the facts are that Chips has dropped the gloves a couple of times this season and he does just fine.
  7. Zero points is not good. But his face-offs numbers were good. He was working hard. His ability to kill penalties is good. Chips is able to drop the gloves which our team seemed to lack against the Flames. I would rather see Chips in the lineup right now then a couple of the other forwards. Either as a center or winger.
  8. I don't think we are watching the same hockey games. Plus Montreal has at least two centers who are UFA in the summer. Latendresse - Chips - Dags was a good line until Dags was injuried. Lots of hard work and several good scoring chances for the line over the past 7 games. IMO. I believe that Latendresse - Chips - Lapierre would be a good 2nd or 3rd line for Montreal. Possibly for many more seasons as they are all young and next contracts are they are still RFA. If the line starts to put up 70+ goals then 2nd line otherwise a solid 3rd line that can get some goals and use their size to punish the other team. A lot of fans disliked Chips for his poor FO%. Well his numbers this season are definitely better. Strange thing. I can only find Gomez and Pleks. Lapierre, Chips, and Metro all take faceoffs. But I know his numbers are a lot better from watching the games. I took some work. But ESPN indicates that Chips FO% is 56%
  9. Big improvement last night. I think he faced at least two odd man rushes and did a very good job.
  10. Why would we sent him to Hamilton? Chips has to clear waivers and someone would pick him up. So far his FO% is good. His game is getting better. He is willing to drop the gloves. His play on the PK is good. Don't forget that Chips missed training camp and the first few games recovering from shoulder surgery. I believe that there are three lines that would be good for Chips. The current line with Latendress - Chips - Dags is doing some good work although I think this line could be better. Lapierre - Chips - Dags could be a better 3rd line as Latendresse is not playing good enough. The best line assuming Latendresse gets his game going would be Latendresse - Chips - Lapierre with two possible FO players, two players that play good together on the PK, and a big forward to get goals I hope that Patches or Dags or Cammi gets onto the 2nd line and gets it going. I don't see how Lapierre returning to the 3rd line somehow means that Chips is then worthless. Just doesn't make an sense. Our team is going with a 22 man roster currently. It does not make an sense to send a good young player who is working hard every shift after getting no training camp. Extremely like that any trip to the AHL would result in someone claiming Chips off waivers. Then Montreal gets an injury and we are without a good young player. If a tough decision has to be made regarding our roster Metro (UFA end of the year), Laraque (expensive goon that does not fight), or Patches (does not have to clear waivers) would be much higher on the list of players that should be sent to the AHL.
  11. Yes it is nice that MAB has a big shot on the PP. It does not make up for the fact that his mistakes are costing our team. 30 teams passed on MAB. Not until we lost two D did we have to find an experienced NHL defenceman to fill a role. I seriously wonder if Cammi, S.Kostitsyn, Weber or Subban would have provided the same kind of shot on the PP. However MAB is providing a big shot on the PP. So why not put him on the 4th line? Mistakes by defencemen end up in our net to often. Mistakes by a forward also can result in goals in our net but far less often. I would put MAB on the 4th line when OB returns to the lineup in a couple of weeks. You cannot take a PP goal as being equal to giving up a goal 5 on 5 thanks to poor decisions in our zone.
  12. Agree. And his face-off numbers are very good.
  13. Agree. We are lucky the 2nd huge mistake did not end up in our net in the 3rd period. When OB returns. Put MAB on the 4th line with only PP ice time.
  14. Is Gui a 4th line player or 3rd line player? What sort of production is expected from Gui since this is his 4th year in the NHL? Is Gui the problem on the Lapierre line or is Lapierre the problem on the line? In either the 1st or 2nd game of the season I was impressed by Gui because he covered for our defenceman and played the 2 on 2 rush so Price had a fairly easy save. Two years ago it would have been a 2 on 1 rush. Nice improvement by Gui. However the wheels have fallen off. I cannot remember Gui throwing any big body checks. I rarely remember Gui getting near the blue paint. Last year the Lapierre - Latendresse - Kosto line was hard working most nights and during a three week stretch last year they were are best line. Hasn't Gui always played better after a game or two in the press box? I think Lapierre is part of the problem but Lapierre has at least four advantages over Gui which keeps him from the press box. Speed, face-offs, PK, and he drives other players nuts all keep Lapierre in the line even though his offense skill has not been great this season. I am not anti-french. I dislike the TSN broadcasts sometimes so much that I switch to watching the RDS broadcast even though I barely no any french. Plus my two favourite players of all time were Guy Lafleur and Patrick Roy. I would put Gui in the press box for one or two games starting today. I am sure that Stewart or even Laraque would fill the necessary role on the 4th line. Gui should not be a 3rd line player that scores 15 to 25 goals and plays hard every night. When and if Gui makes the jump to 25 goal scorer then and only then he might be ready for a top line role. Gui role should be hard work, some goals, and big hits. Maybe even drop the gloves occasionally.
  15. Really nice game. Better then I expected. Our PK is better. Our 3rd or 4th line is better. Heck the way that Moen and Patches played tonight they were more like our 2nd line as far as scoring chances.
  16. It is early. However I would put Latendresse in the press box for one game. Motivation. It has helped in the past. We cannot send him to the AHL. But the coach can send him to the 4th line or press box. I would pick one game in the press box. Montreal has two forwards in the press box. One of them will get a one game to provide energy to the 3rd or 4th line. With Lapierre getting a goal tonight it is possible that Lapierre is going to start playing better offensively. After a one game break in the press box put Lats and Laps back together.
  17. Nice first goal with Montreal. Small. But fast skater. I don't know how he fits in the team when OB is ready. I will gladly take the PP goal. We need a good PP.
  18. Kane pushed Gui around. 18 year old kid pushed around one of our big young forwards. It would have been nice if Gui was as big and strong as Kane or Lucic. But the reality is that Gui not that level of player. However. If Gui puts himself in position to score then good things will happen. Gui is getting some PP time. Nothing to show for it yet. But when the screen results in a Montreal goal or when Gui deflects a puck for a goal. Or when Gui knocks in a rebound on the PP. Then just watch the bandwagon fill up. I am certainly not a leading the bandwagon. However I think I am more realistic. 15 to 25 goals per season. I don't care how Gui gets the goals I just want him to get them. Our team could use some scoring from the 3rd line and 2nd PP unit. JM needs to find someone to help the 3rd line. IMO Chips would be a good choice. Possibly Patches. Possibly Moen. Someone to provide what Kosto used to provide. I remember when Lapierre, Latendresse and Kosto where our best line last season for several weeks in a row. I actually hope that Gomez can provide true 1st line scoring. But it would be really nice if the 3rd line provided some goal scoring. Gui can land some nice body checks. And maybe most importantly Gui can be close to the net which is far better for a 15 to 25 goal player to get some goals. Scoring from the boards is not very likely. Scoring from behind the net is also not likely for Gui. But scoring within 10 feet of the net is possible.
  19. If it is true that Lapierre was on the 2nd line today on the wing. Then Chips could be the 3rd or 4th line center with Metro returning to center either the 3rd or 4th line. Patches could be returned to the AHL without clearing waivers. Dags could be put in the press box. Dags could be sent down via waivers. Laraque could be put in the press box or waived. My opinion. Patches is starting to play better. Chips is starting to play better. Laraque is a wasted roster space. I would put Laraque in the press box. I believe that from a roster and cap situation that Montreal can have both Stewart and Laraque in the press box when Metro joins the starting 20.
  20. Must have been watching a different game last night. I thought Chips played very good last night. His face-off numbers are far better then last season. The RDS bias is just that. Chips is faster then Laraque, Gill, and Latendresse based on watching the last few games. However too be honest RDS and for that matter fans should not say "slow" unless they have stop watch proof from training camp. When Metro comes back. Yes. It is possible that Metro will push Chips out of the starting roster. However I don't see the logic of sending him back to the AHL as someone will claim him off waivers. Depth at center is important. It is also possible that Chips will join the Lapierre line bumping Dags to press box or AHL via waivers or another line. I think that Chips and Lapierre are doing okay playing together on the PK. Maybe putting Chips on the Lapierre line would give Latendresse more opportunity to score. Our team needs some scoring for the 3rd line. Will Chips become a star player. Extremely unlikely. However I honestly see no reason that Chips could not become a solid 3rd line center or winger. Making the NHL is success for a first round player. In reality only the top two or three players in the draft have a good chance of becoming a star player. A lot of other first round players never stick long term in the NHL. Several of Montreal's 1st round draft picks prior to BG and Timmins never played a game in the NHL. A first round draft is not guaranteed a spot in the NHL and certainly no guarantee for becoming a star. Lots of star players are drafted past the first round. It just means that more scouts beleive that a 1st round player have more potential for the NHL.
  21. Better then his linemates. So why are they not waived? Looked good with Lapierre on the PK. I would actually consider putting Chips with Lapierre and Latendresse. Two defensive centers should allow Latendresse to drive the net. Chips could get the puck out for these guys. Yes, Chips has made some mistakes but I think he has played a lot better in the past 2 games. I cannot say the same about Laraque.
  22. Strange. Gui had played good for a couple of games to start the season and basically for four or five games has done very little. It would be nice if he used his size more often. It would be nice if the 3rd line found the net as our team really needs offensive help. Is there something wrong with Gui? Or something wrong with Lapierre? Or something wrong with the 3rd member of the line as it just doesn't seem to be doing much good. They don't seem to be doing much bad either but invisible is not a good thing.
  23. Does MAB have to clear waivers to play in Montreal since he is on a conditioning stint? Good PP numbers last year. Apparently not very good defensively. $750k sounds ok. Easy to waive if MAB does not play up to expectations.
  24. Our team needs Chips to become a regular player. We do not have many 6'2" players in the system that are ready for the NHL. Not the same role. But it is only a matter of one to three games before Laraque pulls a groin, hurts his back, or has an upper body injury. We need some big forwards to fill roster spots. Chips can do the job. And unlike Metro he is not a small forward. Injuries and timing of the injuries has really hurt his progression with Montreal. IMHO. Watch how Chips goes into the corners and gets the puck. Seriously. A lot of our players lack that skill. Chips was his team captain in junior. Canadian World junior captain. Captain of the Bull Dogs. Chips was drafted in the first round based primarily on his offensive skills. Several injuries and Chips is now a defensive player. It doesn't matter if the player is on the team for defensive or offensive reasons. So long as the player fills the role. I believe that Chips will fill the 3rd / 4th line defensive center role. Lapierre might be the biggest fan if this occurs as Lapierre could see time as the 2nd offensive center in the near future. I agree that this is make or break for Chips. His waiver situation requires clearing waivers to or from the NHL based on his age. Solid play will guarantee Chips a job in Montreal, IMHO. Better then solid play on the PK or 5 on 5 will guarantee a contract renewal for Chips in 6 months. Couple of other comments. I believe Chips is a faster skater then "some fans" think. Does anyone have proof that Chips is slow? IMO Latendresse is very slow, but this is his 4th season in Montreal. Hal Hill is a very slow skater based on a lot of fan opinions. Isn't this his 13th NHL season? Speed helps but playing positional hockey and a role within your limits has to be as important otherwise how do slow NHL players stay in the NHL?
  25. Score a goal and everryone will be back on the bandwagon. I think the players are learning each other and the coach. So far all of the lines are spending far too much time in our zone. Calgary plays a physical and faster pace game. I think this will help our team. Heck I am not a Latendresse fan. However, in the few minutes of the Buffalo game that CBC covered there was a situation when Latendresse had to cover the point and then play D. Two years ago it would have been a goal for Buffalo. This year the player and shot were from the outside and Price made a fairly routine save. Latendresse did a good job defensively. Now if he can play a bit more physical, well too be honest the entire line of Lapierre and Moen need to play more physical good things will happen for this line.
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