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  1. I think a bit more time for Bergeron to get back into NHL shape. This is pretty much the equivalent of his training camp and so far even though he has given up the puck a few times I've also counted some instances where he showed patience and made a good play moving the puck up the ice to his forwards or defensive pairing. Bergeron seems to thrive on that PP. He's not Markov and shouldn't be expect to fill his shoes but I think he's bringing alot. He's got a big shot and that big shot doesn't just have a chance of going in.... it always helps persuade a team's defense to get out of the way. And he's also making some good passes on PP. I believe Brendan Witt took one a few nights back.... "The Bergeron project" may very well pay off.
  2. I thought M-A Bergeron played well last night. He looks small on D. (just sayin') While Markov is out he'll be an asset to help the offensive flow of the game for sure. Nice big shot too. Not sure what Gainey will do once O'Byrne comes back and then Markov comes back.... but I'd almost suspect that later on we'll see some type of move.... or even another injury or 2. There's been a ton of injuries right across the NHL so far this year.
  3. Hi everyone. My name is Yves. I'm from PEI. Been a Habs fan since the early 80s when I was quite young. I've recently picked up the hobby of writing a habs blog for fun... really love it. And am enjoying reading various threads and just started to participate. Gotta say - Go Habs!
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