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  1. SO TRUE! The poster below me thinks that Stamkos is grossly overrated
  2. True. I bet against the Lions winning a game last year. I think they only won one. The poster below me placed a bet on the Habs beating the Caps/Pens last year. As a sidenote, does anybody else find it ironic that the word Habs shows up on the spell check, when this is the Habs forum?
  3. Everyone should read the Darwin Awards. Its about people who die in amazingly (and impressive) ways. For example: 4 guys found an old landmine and played Russian roulette stomping on it A girl running off a cliff chasing a falling feather someone giving an 2-month constipated elephant too much laxitive and an enima and being crushed by its massive load. This is the ultimate handbook on survival.
  4. False The poster below me like football
  5. No offense, but your cat scared me to pieces!
  6. I have 2 cats, 2 dogs, 6 kinds of rodents, and a fake raven thats sits on out table. We call it Nevermore Unfortunately, I have no pets named after Koivu, my family won't let me I might be able to post picture later, it'll take me a while to find some good ones.
  7. I agree. And Saku was a great leader. He stepped up in pressure on the ice 9/10, and he was a hero to the community, which is what counts a lot more. I wish him the best in Anehiem, and can't wait to see what he does with Teemu for 82 games, not just international play. I never thought I'd say this, but I really want Anehiem to win the Cup, if the Habs don't. He deserves the A aswell.
  8. You probobly confused a lot of people with that one...lol I am currently winning....
  9. No posts allowed after post #183. Oh! I win!
  10. You really are putting up a diligent effort, aren't you? So sad... cuz I win.
  11. Ya know... he never did post a question, therefore, there can be no answer. Look at the title. Therefore, nobody wins. Except me!
  12. i finally know how msu fans feel now only this is our worst season in school history.
  13. Go Blue! Michigan football will be back next year when Rich can recruit under his system, not carr's. The Notre Dame game wasnt too bad but we fumbled way too much. otherwise, we could have won. I would love to see Usc vs. Oklahoma in the national championship, georgia wouldnt bee too bad either.
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