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  1. Great GDT... looking forward to a great game. Hopefully everyone is well rested and Gallagher comes back soon. one of these days I'll get a chance to make a GDT. GO HABS GO!
  2. Signed with EHC Biel(Switzerland) As per The Hockey News.
  3. Nice GDT... Just realized that Gallagher and Cole have switched lines on today's practice. Good luck Budaj, get well price :-)
  4. Do you think it has anything to do with the stink of wanting to retire.... Forcing Bergervin to have a say on his future?
  5. I do recall the penalties... I guess there's some upside. Hope he turns it around.
  6. I'm disappointed in Cole.... don't know what else to say really. He doesn't think outside the box, it's the same drive to the net all the time and he has hands like boulders.
  7. Ok in the future as in next year... if Budaj doesn't come back and Tokarski plays well in the AHL.... He could be the back up we are looking for at a cheaper price.
  8. Woot! sounds good to me... I figure he will be back up for Carey in the near future if he pans out. Peter Budaj days may be out #.
  9. There's a separation in safe end/Mash up Markov-Gorges Smarts Diaz-Kabs/Boullion Hold the fort or Kabs with offense. Weber This should be over to the left with the Mash Up.
  10. I see people want to keep the first line the same... I think it should be broken up a bit. We don't need A line, we need multiple lines. My suggestion without Gally B. Pac-Pleks-Cole Eller-DD-Gionta Rotate DD with Pleks, Eller C 2nd line Pleks LW 2nd line. Bourque-Gomez-Moen Bourque will break out. Gritty and Offense. Prust-White-Armstrong Swap Armstrong with Moen. Subban-Gorges <--- Safe end/Mashup ---> Subban-Emelin Force to wreck-en with. Markov-Emelin Markov-Gorges Smarts Diaz-Kabs Diaz-Kabs/Boullion Hold the fort or Kabs with offense. Boullion Weber Weber Having Prust and Armstrong and the rest it takes alot off Pleks shoulders so lets let him fly. I know Europe is different but man He is capable. Pleks was/has been overloaded with 2way but he doesn't have to be. First/Second line and PK that's it.
  11. Did that but didn't work... apparently I had a virus affecting video stream... got rid of it... :-)
  12. Lately I've been having trouble watching videos on TSN, Comedy Network and now today I wanted to watch Molson and the group talk about what will become for the new year on HABSTV and it loads so slow. Anyone else having issues and any tips to fix it. I have fibre optic cable with DIR-655 router I opt the firmware and reset the router and the ping was averaging around 70-90. Not sure what the ping supposed to be at. Adobe up to date and so is Firefox. Explorer does the same thing as well.
  13. My name is Mathew Gehlsen live in Lucknow Ontario born in Montreal Quebec(Royal Victoria) 30 years of age have 2 kids 3 and 2 married 5 years Patrick Roy All time Favorite
  14. lol I took you word and went with photobucket.. you were right it was pretty simple.
  15. Sounds good just don't want to sign up to photobucket just so I can put pics up in here... Doesn't make sense.
  16. When I go to put a pic in insert pic it ask for a http://
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