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  1. Feel free to take a look at my photos, supporting the MONTREAL CANADIENS: open album I'm a Portuguese citizen, born, raised and living in Portugal since 1972 Became an unconditional HABS fan in 1991, the first time I visited Montreal as a tourist. Ever since I've crossed the Atlantic for 10 times to support our TEAM, next week (Oct.5, 2011) I'll do it again for the 11th time. Hopefully I'll be able to get tickets for the season opener at Centre Bell, and at least to 6 more games until the end of October, for I have to return to my country to get back to work and save some euros for the next season my personal oath to the MONTREAL CANADIENS originally posted here: open my original post on 11/19/2009 Feel free to copy, if you would like. Regards from Portugal, Jose Morgado HABS fan since 1991 __________ "To you from failing hands we throw the torch. Be yours to hold it high." - Canadian physician and Lieutenant Colonel, John McCrae, "In Flanders Fields" “Like an army on ice, we march south every winter, We return in the spring the conquerors!” —Sebastien Dhavernas, "Les Canadiens"
  2. Portuguese citizen, born and living in Tomar (Portugal) since 1972. Habs fan since 1991, the date of my 1st visit to Montreal as a tourist. I've been doing my job supporting our CANADIENS, don't you think?! Check this out: My photos supporting our Habs
  3. "Like an army on ice, we march south every winter, We return in the spring the conquerors!" - Sebastien Dhavernas, "Les Canadiens"