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  1. Agreed. Some of shannys decision have also involved recklessness as a factor. Malone looking to hurt someone is reckless. Taking 3 strides (i.e. charging) to hit someone with their head low is reckless. And I'll say it again. Average human reaction time is something like 0.2 seconds. He had lots of time to see campolis head and analyze a way to avoid it, but he chose the stick out elbow option. "Just prior" is vague. I had a shower prior to leaving for work. Does that mean 10 minutes or 2 seconds? Whatever. It's even more insulting because Chara wasn't suspended. Jacques, protect our players! Stand up, speak out, show some emotion, who cares if you get fined. Show you have more backbone than this new puppet.
  2. As for speed of game, see my above post on reaction time. Somebody else will break down the video for you i'm sure, in case you missed the fact that Gill was skating backwards, facing away from the stanchion, and doesn't push his head into it. No penalty was called either.
  3. And to put some holes in the argument that hockey is a fast paced game, the human brain is much faster. In animals, reaction time to visual stimuli is typically 150 to 300 milliseconds. So Chara would have had about 10 times the normal amount of time it takes to see something and execute a behavioral response. There are also martial artists who can perform 10 strikes in 1 second. To be fair, there is a correlation between IQ and reaction time. So they should be honest and shouldn't say "hockey is fast", but instead say "Chara is slow." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaction_time http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jensen_Box
  4. Hi, I been reading the board religiously since June, I probably won"t say much, but i'll be here. Regards, Anthony P.S.: <opinion> I still think PG has something else in the works. </opinion>
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