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  1. Anyone live in Kitchener-Waterloo or used to live there? Need some help. Thanks.

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    2. beaubie


      Thanks Kinot! I'm really excited about it but also scared out of my wits lol

    4. beaubie


      Thanks guys!

  2. Doctor Whoooooo!

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    2. kinot-1


      Just havin some fun witcha beaubie. LOL

    3. beaubie


      He needs to catch up!

  3. Has anyone ever been to a Michigan wolverines game or a college footbal game in general? I'd like to chat about it because I'll be going in October to one. Thanks.

    1. powerplay2009


      I'm in the marching band. I've been to lots :)

  4. Hey all! It's been a while but I just wanted to share with you that today I officially became a Registered Nurse! And I'm pretty darn happy about it! Hope all is well :)

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    2. Clues


      That is amazing news, beaubie! Congratulations!

    3. ColRouleBleu


      Congrats!!! My daughter is starting her studies in nursing this fall, I hope she follows your example :D

  5. Predictions, GDTs, familiar names, talk of the players and lines... Not going to lie, there's some dust in my eye.

    1. Forever_Habs10


      Hi there lady beaubie :-)

    2. beaubie


      Hey FH! :D

      They sure aren't 1952 :)

  6. I know I am very late to this but I sincerely hope you all had wonderful christmases and holidays and I want to wish you a happy and healthy new year. I miss talking with you all but I know one day it will be like it was before. :)

    1. hatethosebruins


      ^I believe thats clues

  7. Hey ya'll, It's been a while. :)

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    2. beaubie


      ahaha, basically. It's what I expected :P

    3. Clues


      Hi beaubie! I hope you're having a nice summer. :)

  8. It's National Nursing Week! "CNA president Judith Shamian commends nurses for the many wonderful contributions they make to the health of Canadians."

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    2. thethrillisgone


      Good luck beaubie! :)

    3. beaubie


      lol Ever reach (and then pass) your internet usage limit? I had to stya off for a bit. But thank you guys! :) Better late than never :P

  9. Wow, I feel pretty bad right now.. so much so that I considered actually leaving. I was really hoping that someone would have picked up right off the bat that it's April first. and then people would have been, oh beaubie, you prankster. But I guess I've never really done that so you might not of thought of that. Sorry all. really. I thought it would have been funny... I'm not actually leaving bah! this went wrong. Sorry again. I didn't intentionally try to illicit that re...

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      Hey...Lol, I'm really glad to hear it was a joke, I was so sad...

    3. Forever_Habs10


      I stood on the bridge all day...pondering what to do...not nice lady.



      I was sad..What did I say to you?

  10. My thoughts are the same as Kubby. Goodbye.

  11. Sad day today in hearing you leaving us beaubie...hope all is well,please take care.

    Please feel free to drop in if ya ever get a chance.

    You'll be missed here,huge part of our forum you are.


  12. Guys, I'm leaving the forum. I know this is kind of sudden but it's what I have to do. My time here was well spent and I will miss it here. Time for me to go. Take care all and go habs go!

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    2. HabsRuleForever


      I was hoping this is just an April fools joke! If not, I agree with HTL & everyone else.

    3. hatethosebruins


      If this is an aprils fools joke ill be so cheesed off! bye beaubie, always enjoy reading your posts :(

  13. IMHO, I'd like to see some snow. lol

    1. Forever_Habs10
    2. hatethosebruins
    3. Bud2790


      Can't wait for skiing season + playing hockey outside!

  14. People of the forum: write some blogs!.....Please?

    1. beaubie


      purdy please? lol

    2. habs_93


      How about a list of diseases I'd rather have than live with a Bruins fan?

    3. hatethosebruins
  15. Je vais faire celle-ci: lun. 24 oct. 2011 Panthers @ Canadiens 19 h 30 RDS