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  1. Didn't really know where else to post this but dang, I really miss you guys and this place. I'm definitely not as involved as I was before with hockey and I miss that but still cheering hard for the Habs. I've since dated a bruins fan and am dating a "leafs fan" who's best friend is a Sens fan so that gets interesting. I'm in Kitchener still. Working away as an RN. I hope you are all doing well.I also really miss doing GDT So maybe I'll try and get my butt on here to do some next season. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer
  2. Anyone live in Kitchener-Waterloo or used to live there? Need some help. Thanks.

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    2. beaubie


      Thanks Kinot! I'm really excited about it but also scared out of my wits lol

    4. beaubie
  3. Snowmen, snow forts, snow angels, and snow balls I know it's not as cold in other parts of the country but I went downtown today to the Christmas market and became an icicle. It was great fun, I assure you.
  4. Doctor Whoooooo!

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    2. kinot-1


      Just havin some fun witcha beaubie. LOL

    3. beaubie


      He needs to catch up!

  5. Thanks! Just over 109,000. Michigan stadium is the biggest capacity stadium in North America and third largest in the world. It can hold more. Its US college football (NCAA Division I).
  6. Awesome kinot. Knock on wood, I've never had to wear a cast but I'd definitely doodle on mine for sure if I did. Like the blue too. This past weekend I went on a little road trip to Ann Arbor Michigan to watch the Michigan Wolverines take on the Indiana Hoosiers at Michigan stadium. Holy moly I had a blast! I have loads of pictures but here's a panorama of the stadium.
  7. Hey, that's good! Hopefully, it's not on for too long. Good luck with the recovery for it
  8. Has anyone ever been to a Michigan wolverines game or a college footbal game in general? I'd like to chat about it because I'll be going in October to one. Thanks.

    1. powerplay2009


      I'm in the marching band. I've been to lots :)

  9. I don't know if any of you will see this in here lol but in October my dad and I will be going to the Hoosiers vs Wolverines game at Michigan stadium (which I'm super duper crazy excited about). Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone has done anything like that and what we can expect or and tips or advice. Like how different is the environment compared to an NFL or even CFL game. That sorta thing.
  10. False. The poster below me is a member of a club.
  11. Hey all! It's been a while but I just wanted to share with you that today I officially became a Registered Nurse! And I'm pretty darn happy about it! Hope all is well :)

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    2. Clues


      That is amazing news, beaubie! Congratulations!

    3. ColRouleBleu


      Congrats!!! My daughter is starting her studies in nursing this fall, I hope she follows your example :D

  12. Congrats on the induction habs1952!! Good luck with the other purple members
  13. Happy Birthday Duuuude. You're growing up so fast
  14. True. (of beer ) the poster below me wants the leafs to win.
  15. True! The poster below me has family members who are leafs fans
  16. True. but not a lot. The poster below me has a full time job.
  17. o0o0o0o0 it's so pretty Clues! haha I'm so excited for tonight. Thankfully, work is early today so I can sit myself down and watch the game.
  18. Evening all. I feel so conflicted watching this. In the end though, I realise how much I hate Boston and that's that.
  19. Hey! I'm not getting old Thank you habs1952, FH, and HTL! +1
  20. habs_93, that was brilliant I developed a massive soft spot for Chicago from the season that they won so I'm looking forward to them doing well. I don't really find myself interested in any particular match up in the west. Unlike before where I found myself oddly interested in at least one head-to-head like the Detroit / Phoenix match up 2 years ago Nashville / Chicago 3 years ago, and Vancouver and LA last year, unless, some stories or special events develop from those match ups, I'm pretty much just "meh". When I see Pittsburgh and the Islanders together it reminds me of that game they had a while back that was absolutely crazy with fighting. It won't get like that, I don't think but you never know. I don't like New York but I'd like to see them over Washington just cause. My dad and I were talking about the Toronto/Boston match up. We both think it's going to be pretty "rough". I told him I hope they kill each other and that's the end of it. In reality, as much as I don't want to Leafs to go to the second round, I think they are more of a beatable team than Boston (if that makes any sense). And I hate to think that much of Boston anyway.
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