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  1. London Ont pm me and I will pass along the number.
  2. LOL no problem at all.
  3. I can get lots of them lol so no worries and you won't have to fight over them lol.
  4. You need a new Dryden jersey for that room lol I have a huge list including some of the Centennial jerseys.
  5. No the Panthers can just be eliminated I like his thoughts.
  6. Ya and I wasn't the only HABS fan asked that was wearing a jersey even funnier were the Buffalo fans in town for the Titans Bills game that were left shaking their heads at the questions. I talked to a few of the Buffalo fans and they felt it was horrible that no one knew much about us or hockey in general.
  7. Just got home from teh Drive in and we saw Predators 6 out of 10 the action scenes were ok but far too much swearing that really didn't need to be there. and the new Stallone movie which was a 7 out of 10 and it started kinda slow but the action was good and had a great cast even if arnie was only in it for like 3 minutes.
  8. The problem in Nashville is they lack corporate support they have the average joe fan support but they can't beg borrow or steal a corporate support sector to save their lives. They are a perrenial one and done team and they have to compete with football and Vanderbilt for NCAA basketball and football so it really is a tough go for our game in the heart of country music.
  9. I was in Nashville last season for the HABS game and let me tell you the barn was not full not even close lower bowl was maybe about to 3/4 full if that and the upper deck had empty seats throughout. I was wearing a HABS jersey walking through downtown and people had no clue what it was I was even asked what team was on the jersey. I was also asked who George Vezina was I tried to explain and as soon as they heard hockey they didn't care. On game day you can walk up and get tickets for the game in lower and upper bowls.
  10. Excellent post bravo someone that sees the through the ***** Bettman has created.
  11. I was just saying if a team came to Hamilton and Buffalo had issues then I wouldn't think twice about letting them go either folding or moving. I was never really enthused with our Buffalo series other than our cup run when they had Fuhr and we beat them 4 straight. That was fun. But I have never really gotten into any of our series with the Sabres loved out games with the Nords and the ***** and Whalers etc but never got into the games with Buffalo.
  12. I have been watching the HABS since I was born and that was back in 69 so 41 years a HABS fan for me. For me I have no allegiance to a state city or province. I love the HABS nowadays I cheer for teh team not the players. Once upon a time I was a fan of specific players on our team but not for many many years. I now cheer just for the name on teh front the name on teh back changes frequently so I do not follow specific players anylonger. As for the HABS Sabres I have been to the old Aud and the HSBC and honestly while I like our hookups with the Sabres I wouldn't care if they were gone either.
  13. Well neither Quebec City or Winnipeg are new cities and Hamilton will support a team probably at some extent to the dismay of the Sabres but meh I really don't care about Buffalo. Hell even move them to Hartford I would love to see the Whalers come back into the fold. So those are not really new markets. as for Canadian franchises if they begin to slip or like what happened to the Sens fold em up and move em or just close em up all together. I am not above any franchise moving for greener pastures and that includes our beloved HABS.
  14. The thing you are missing is even a non compeative team in the Peg will outdraw what the Panthers draw or in Hamilton or in QC it is about the fans and the love of hockey you are missing. In the cities mentioned people love hockey especially NHL hockey. They come out and support the team and the owner starts to make money and it is one less team sucking money out of the rest of the teamsvia rev sharing. The owners starts to have more money to actually afford top talent and then you can have a decent team. Something the Leafs still fail to see lol mind you in Toronto they are all sheep and will follow along regardless and don't often say much about it.
  15. Hmm the Leafs seem to do ok and they have had terrible teams for decades lol.