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  1. Canadiens in 5, if I'm wrong it's because of the sweep.
  2. New Jersey is 28th Goals For with 2.31, if we get dominated and let in 4+ goals...too depressing to think about.
  3. Please Canadiens win tonight. Hopefully they show the character and skill that we all know they have. GO HABS GO!
  4. At Molson Center Ovechkin only has 4 goals in 13 games throughout his career. That's actually the least amount of goals for him when playing 13+ games at any arena.
  5. yeah but I'm only worried about Seguin, he had his legs moving last time we played them.
  6. Brandon Prust: ''Like I said we don't care about other teams, we don't care about their crazee, ahh coach... we're not diving all over the place, I've seen some of their highlight reels'' lol.
  7. Bouillion is like a chicken without a head on 1on2, but worked out this time pheww
  8. wow dirty Philly grabs reimer's stick turns him around and the goal counts.
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