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  1. does anybody see gomez being captain?

    im a huge fan of kovalev, but not too sure how good of a captain he would make. that said, i also don't see them giving captincty to gomez right away, and i certainly don't see markov being a captain.

    also, with higgins and likely komo gone, i dont know who that leaves us...

  2. Username: dthayer

    Real Name: Dan

    Live: Hamilton, ON

    Born: Toronto, ON

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Favorite Team: Canadiens (obviously!!)

    Favourite Current Hab: Kovalev

    Favourite All time Hab: too many to list...

    i live just outside of hamilton ontario in "leaf nation" - or whats left of it anyways. I try to see the habs in toronto and buffalo as often as i can. I have never yet made it to the great city of Montreal...but hopefully this season. (despite missing out on getting tickets last wednesday... i guess theres always ebay )

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