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  1. Before leaf vs habs games were a joke. I kind of like now that they mean something and I get a little nervous for them.
  2. It just seems like we are running into hot goaltending...and getting sub-par lately...
  3. Price looks clueless in net tonight. He's having such a hard time seeing through the screens. And don't get me wrong - I love Price...somethings just off lately. Oh...and Eller has been in Beast mode lately!
  4. The only more embarrasing thing for NHL refs than a bad call, is a soft make-up call.
  5. Well...the lane was wide open, which is exactly what a goalie wants. I play goalie - point shots aren't scary when there is a visible lane.
  6. Eller gets hauled down trying to clear the zone. These refs have been letting everything go. And...another softy by Price...ugh. Yeah...he is so good fundamentally...but his fivehole has been troubling.
  7. I know I might get a little flak for this and I am a huge P.K fan - I'm from Belleville so I have seen him and currently his brothers play for the Bulls in the OHL. But our Powerplay, as well as it has been - looks kind of...basic? Like, a 1 man threat. The last 10 powerplays I have watched is just pass it around and get it to P.K. What about working it on the wing, or in the slot? It's not like we have no forwards who can shoot or score. But it's like Therrien has told the boys that P.K is our only option on the PP. Its just not versatile enough I think to be as effective as it can be. good one
  8. Reffing has been bogus across the NHL this year. To be honest - a phantom call on Lucic...and then we get hauled down in the offensive zone and no call. It's just brutally inconsistent
  9. Can someone clear this up for me. I hear it said both ways. I know his name is Emelin but some commentators say "Yemelin" and some say "Emelin"...Is it one or the other?
  10. I agree, even when everyone was all hyped up about Markov...sure he's smart in the offensive zone, but he is a big liability on defense who makes a lot of costly turnovers.
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