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  1. I knew I could count on someone. There's probably worse options than Ronald McDonald. C'mon Benny, score and get yourself back in the top six so I can get out of this predicament. LOL
  2. That's a mess. As already mentioned in this thread, Pouliot had a little something to do with the St. Louis goal. It didn't look like the greatest effort to get the puck out. D-men wind the puck up the boards frequently so IMO the wingers need to be ready. It looked like a feeble effort. Does he deserve demotion - I don't know. (why do I find myself defending Martin today - someone slap me.)
  3. I agree. I never felt like Halpern was brought in just in case of injuries. to one of the top guns. That's Eller's role. Halpern is taking Moore's place at half the cap hit. Granted not many games have been played but Halpern is 4th in faceoffs won. And I'm hoping he can relieve Pleks somewhat in the penalty killing department. I like the signing. Tomorrow night Halpern and Moore meet each other. Should be interesting.
  4. I like this kid a lot. His PK time last year was amazing for a young player. I still have visions of him breaking up passes.
  5. Oh come on - somebody else post something in this thread so I don't make it three posts in a row. Please?
  6. Play all of this upcoming season like you did in the playoffs, Laps. Or at least a good part of the season play like that. Thanks....................... Orpik beating Laps against the net while the Habs scored a goal was just classic. I still have that image in my mind.
  7. Benny!!!! Benny!!!! Benny!!!!! (Just practicing my cheering and getting my vocal cords into shape)
  8. I love this guy's deceptive speed. (In an effort to talk about other players on the Habs roster besides the one not yet signed who shared a position with Halak last year.)
  9. If he can put more effort into the whole next year with results akin to the playoffs it would be a big bonus for this team.
  10. He's definitely more of a plus than a negative which cannot be said for some others. He's being thrown into situations where he normally wouldn't be.
  11. Nice pics CRB. I concede - I'll let up on the cranberry juice. Oh, and how many drool buckets are we allowed? Thanks for sharing the pics. Very, very nice of you to take the time.
  12. It's a tough call to make. Schneider came in and gave a burst of life to the powerplay last year so I guess that's what we were hoping for with MAB. And he did that momentarily but now it seems teams are keying on him. Same thing happened with Schneider. Teams started to key on him. Our powerplay needs creativity but even with Markov last year it struggled. How can you be so good 4 on 4, very decent 5 on 5 and be lousy a man up? He moves the puck and has a great shot but when MAB skates backwards I close my eyes.
  13. Managing Bergeron during the away games will be the challenge. So far he's been at home - I'm anxious to see what happens this week against some very good teams.
  14. I love cheering for the guys that fly under the radar. Not that he went unnoticed last night but wow what an effort. Our bottom lines weren't fairing too well and he did what he could last night to help fix that.
  15. He definitely has a blast from the point but just okay defensively. He looks like he could get deked out of his shorts pretty quickly by a skilled player. But nonetheless he stepped up and did what he was brought here to do - blast a couple. Nice game, MAB.
  16. I noticed that too. To the point where on the replay I thought he'd get out of the way. LOL Weebles wobble but they don't fall down? I hope he's okay.
  17. I would hit the delete button for the OP. I never heard of those programs except for Heroes and I could never get into that. My TV viewing is limited to mostly sports including baseball. LOL The comment from a previous poster about Gatorade and a homerun hitter is a hoot. I need to borrow that if I may when I debate with a friend about which pro sport has the more difficult season. When I'm non-sports watching my selections are limited to "Law and Order". When that gets too depressing I switch to comedy and mainly watch "Two and a Half Men" and "Everyone Loves Raymond". I was never a movie watcher but I'm trying to do better in that department. My attention span isn't that great. LOL When I don't feel like any of the above then I have some music channels I enjoy.
  18. I couldn't agree more with the whole post but that last line in bold absolutely made my day. The Hab following media certainly has the uncanny ability to turn fans against players by fabricating stories to meet their own agendas.
  19. <a big disappointing sigh> I'm extremely disappointed for the young man but if there's a very legitimate reason then so be it. If it's a media driven move then I'm just extremely irate. LOL Somehow I hope the young man sees the positives in this move (although I don't know how) and surprises everyone with some super star play down there and shows responsibility.
  20. As far as player "habits", I really don't have other players to compare to because all I hear are the same outlets complaining and ragging on the same players with what I think is "another" agenda. If Sergei Kostitsyn is the first NHL player to miss the bus and the first player to get yelled at practice I'll fall off my rocker. I'm not sayin' there isn't room for improvement but talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. The season hasn't started but it's gonna be like it's been this past summer with the same names over and over again rumored to be moved. They all happen to end with a consonant. Go figure. Honestly, sometimes I wish they would get moved just so they could be removed from this atmosphere and better their careers just like others have done in the past. Oh wait, there's a pattern developing. It's times like this that I wonder why Komisarek really left.
  21. According to HIO he was at least on the ice yesterday along with some other players. I don't know how to feel about him not having surgery - I've never had the problem.
  22. The more I think about a new captain the more I fear for that individual whoever it may be. I can see it now: Before the first loss>>>>>> What do you think of Komisarek not coming back? What do you think of Koivu not coming back? What do you think of Kovalev not coming back? What do think of <new guy, insert name>? Repeat cycle a million times. After the season starts and after the firstl loss>>>>>> Are you feeling the loss of Komisarek? Are you feeling the loss of Koivu? Are you feeling the loss of Kovalev? Repeat cycle a million times after each loss. New captain will have a lot on his plate. I don't envy him.
  23. I didn't laugh as I followed your post with the same idea. Now actually it's more realistic. I'm not sure how the vets would react but they maybe would welcome someone else to take the heat off of them. I guess I'm thinking Lapierre is young but has a future with the organization, he is hard working, appears to be well liked and of course speaks French. So I strike Hamrlik and write in Lapierre instead, my original vote. LOL The vets are either new or have trouble with a language barrier or won't be with the team that long. Who would the players vote for to be captain?
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