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  1. Nice to see. I have lived on both coasts in Canada (5 years on the west coast) and currently going on 10 years on the east coast.
  2. False The poster below has seen the sun rise on the East Coast and the sun set on the West Coast (not on the same day of course).
  3. Yep they raised 20,000 dollars for the charity (1000 autographs). He was surprised by the turn out and disappointed that he could not meet everyone but it was not possible because the place where he was signing autographs had to close for the day. Actually there are two masks. The first has Jacques Plante with the signatures of Mike Liut and Grant Fuhr. all goalies who played for St. Louis. His second mask is somewhat personal and very different. It features his favorite childhood cartoon, Lucky Luke. Very different and personal.
  4. Sorcerer's Apprentice: 6/10 (for special effects) Grown Ups: 7/10
  5. Avatar - Given the story line and acting the computer graphics made this movie at best a 7 out of 10. Remember Me - Though I did not like the ending it garners an 8 out of 10.
  6. Cop Out (Bruce Willis) - 2.5/10 It was a big time disappointment. I did not like Bruce Willis' sidekick. The movie had zany childlike humour and there was no real flow throughout to film.
  7. I thought the same thing before I saw it. The Irish humour (if you like that sort of humour) gave it an interesting twist.
  8. I am beginning to wonder with the number of games he has been playing if Jaroslav is going to be traded.
  9. Believe it or not; Leap Year 7/10 It really surprised me.
  10. And White being a checking line centre.
  11. Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm Wayne but his stint in the NHL "until this season" has not been that impressive. He is what I would call a journeyman NHLer Before he went to Europe he was in Washington's farm system and played only 103 NHL games in 4 seasons from 1999-2003 in the Washington Capital's system tallying 47 pts. His stats after Europe are about the same as what he had before playing in Europe. 2006-07 Atlanta Thrashers - Played 57 games had 28 pts went to St. Louis 2006-07 St. Louis Blues - Played 20 games had 5 pts For a total of 33 pts in 77 games in 2006-07. 2007-08 Boston Bruins - 33 pts in 82 games 2008-09 Philadelphia Flyers - 14 pts in 55 games before being placed on waivers where he was claimed by Montreal 2008-09 As a Hab - 3 pts in 20 games For a total of 17 pts in 77 NHL games in 2008-09. Though it is a pleasant surprise that he has 8 pts in 8 games it is unlikely he will keep scoring at such a torrid pace. Unless of course he is a very late bloomer in the NHL.
  12. He is in the NCAA at Dartmouth College but has yet to play a game yet.
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