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  1. It is remarkable if you take into account it was a while ago since playoffs,it's ofseason and 1 autograph cost freakin 20 bucks!

    Yep they raised 20,000 dollars for the charity (1000 autographs). He was surprised by the turn out and disappointed that he could not meet everyone but it was not possible because the place where he was signing autographs had to close for the day.

    Jaro's Blues mask looks a lot like the second one he had here. except the colours and the city in the picture has changed :( These masks really represent Jaro as an athlete. His masks always have something to do with the team and the fans he's playing for...not his personal likings...truly representative of the team first kinda guy he is :)

    Actually there are two masks. The first has Jacques Plante with the signatures of Mike Liut and Grant Fuhr. all goalies who played for St. Louis. His second mask is somewhat personal and very different. It features his favorite childhood cartoon, Lucky Luke. Very different and personal. :lol:

  2. "Metropolit is a waste of 1 million bucks and just filler... has to be better out there somewhere." -- unnamed member of this board... <_<

    (JR, you said some very uncomplimentary things, but you get a pass because you've admitted your error ;) )

    "In 2003 Metropolit crossed the Atlantic to play in Helsinki with Jokerit for the 2003–04 season. In a brilliant first season, he scored the most points on the team, 50, with 15 goals and 35 assists, the fifth-highest total during the regular season. He scored six goals during seven playoff games that year, but Jokerit were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

    In the 2004–05 season Metropolit and Marko Jantunen were the team's best goal scorers during the regular season, both scoring 16 goals, and Metropolit scored the most points on the team with 31 assists, totalling 47 points; the eighth-highest total in the league. In the playoffs he scored five goals and six assists, including a 3-on-5 shorthanded goal against Ilves's Vesa Toskala in the quarterfinals. The team went on to win the silver medal.

    Metropolit became a very popular player with the Jokerit fans, who had a number of chants dedicated to him. He is remembered as a gifted playmaker, with one of his favorite spots, on the outside of the left faceoff circle in the offensive zone, being called "Metro's office" by TV commentators and fans, in honor of Wayne Gretzky's "office" behind the goal. He and Marko Jantunen formed a memorable duo on the penalty kill, scoring several short-handed goals. His player number in Jokerit was #50.

    After two years with Jokerit, Metropolit moved to Switzerland where he won the Nationalliga A championship with HC Lugano. He also led the league in scoring during the regular season."

    -- http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Gl...it#encyclopedia

    I wonder if Metropolit would have been given a shootout chance tonight... he's 0 for 2 lifetime...

    and why number 15 with the Habs? he wore 13 with Philadelphia and Boston... #15 has had a bad association for me because it was Rejean Houle's number and all I can think of when I think of him is missing wide open nets :blink: and his tenure as GM :( even Bobby Smith couldn't remove that stink...

    Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm Wayne but his stint in the NHL "until this season" has not been that impressive. He is what I would call a journeyman NHLer

    Before he went to Europe he was in Washington's farm system and played only 103 NHL games in 4 seasons from 1999-2003 in the Washington Capital's system tallying 47 pts. His stats after Europe are about the same as what he had before playing in Europe.

    2006-07 Atlanta Thrashers - Played 57 games had 28 pts went to St. Louis

    2006-07 St. Louis Blues - Played 20 games had 5 pts

    For a total of 33 pts in 77 games in 2006-07.

    2007-08 Boston Bruins - 33 pts in 82 games

    2008-09 Philadelphia Flyers - 14 pts in 55 games before being placed on waivers where he was claimed by Montreal

    2008-09 As a Hab - 3 pts in 20 games

    For a total of 17 pts in 77 NHL games in 2008-09.

    Though it is a pleasant surprise that he has 8 pts in 8 games it is unlikely he will keep scoring at such a torrid pace. Unless of course he is a very late bloomer in the NHL. ;)

  3. No kidding. I'm shocked at how badly his play has deteriorated. A couple of years ago, he looked way better on the boards and in the defensive zone. Now, I hold my breath when his line's on the ice, and not for the right reasons.

    It's five years since he was drafted and he's as far away from grabbing a roster spot as he ever was.

    Maybe that is why the Habs 1st round draft in 2004 (18th overall) was given a one year contract in the off season.

  4. I would like to see Latendresse given a greater role with the club over the next few games. We're clearly struggling to find another top-6 winger, so why not thrust Latendresse into the role and see if he succeeds?

    I think the intensity of Moen and Lapierre has had a positive impact on his game so I would prefer to see where he is at in 20-30 games before looking at that option.

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