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  1. It's not like his stats were good either. He could easily turn into another Pacioretty who can't finish.
  2. Just watched Avatar. It WASN'T a Sci-Fi, whatever people want to say. The story was a cross between Pocahontas and Halo, and had no literary credibility. But it still somehow managed to be an awesome movie. 9/10.
  3. Martin just wants to get a sense of his commitment. If he shows he can put it together and play hard and be part of the team down there, he'll be back up before you know it.
  4. I wish Latendresse would start using a shorter stick. I don't know if it's just me, but I think Latendresse actually has pretty serviceable hockey sense. He crashes the crease at the right times and has gotten a lot better at cycling the puck...he just has absolutely atrocious puck control when he's pressured. He needs to keep the puck close to his body and skates and push through traffic. Take a page out of Kovalev's book, he uses a really short stick.
  5. That's awesome. I bet Boucher being part of our staff had a lot to do with this. We've grabbed three guys (Masse, Dumont, Lefebvre) off of Drummondville's Memorial Cup winning roster. I guess since he's only eighteen we can sort of count him among our draft picks. Louis Leblanc Joonas Nattinen Mac Bennet Alexander Avtsyn Gabriel Dumont Dustin Walsh Mike Cichy Petteri Simila Philippe Lefebvre That already looks like a good draft class to me. And THREE Quebecois players there, nothing for the French media to complain about. Got to get me some Voltigeurs/Mooseheads tickets and post some reviews on these guys.
  6. From the looks of it he's being played more consistently on the men's squad. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=UX138sDEqBA Good hustle and nice shot for that goal.
  7. Apparently he's really fast too, I remember he beat Grabovski in the speed skating competition last year, that's saying something.
  8. 1 point in three games so far, nothing to scoff at in the Russian league, when you're only 18.
  9. I don't see how it could hurt his developement. It might not be as good as playing in Canada but it's better than nothing.
  10. Crossing my fingers that he gets into the Q, and plays for the Halifax Mooseheads.
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