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  1. Yeah. Jaro was off from the first minute of the game, they were lucky to only be down two after the first. The Blues got better after than, and Jaro played well also, but he spotted them too big of a lead to overcome. Can't say I'm upset that he threw up a stinker before Price did.
  2. This is the only ranger one I could find, not sure if it's the one you meant. Thanks for your, um, help? Much appreciated.
  3. I would have totally agreed with you after what he did in the playoffs, but that wasn't the problem last night. All three goals were scored on the first twelve shots. Now, as lots have mentioned, it was his first game back, and a preseason one to boot, so it means virtually nothing, but still, it's surprising to see him let in that many goals early. That wasn't how it usually worked with him.
  4. LOL at how wrong you are. First of all, yes, you are right that his base salary was 850K. But he did not earn 2.2 mil last year, in fact, of the 7 bonus clauses in his contract, he only achieved 2 of them. His salary was probably in the 1.2-1.4 million range. Next, who are you to decide he's being arrogant? For all we know, management has offered him a 6 year, 20 million deal. It has been stated that he is looking for a shorter contract, presumably so he can play better in the near future, and earn himself something a little more lucrative.
  5. What's wrong with that statement? If the other two players he mentioned pan out, and Benny scores 25 on one of our top two lines, we'll finish that high for sure.
  6. It seems to me that for some people, those two statements are interchangeable. And on that note, it's easy to see who is actually a Habs fan, and who was just a Halak fan.
  7. HA. it makes me laugh, to see stuff like this. Are you you really so upset about Halak being traded that you hope Price fails? I can absolutely understand that you don't think Price can do it, but cheering against him? Unreal. At least Auld knows his place. He'll do what's asked of him.
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