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  1. Username: Niinimaas_Gerl Real Name: Tracey Live: Alberta(Oil Country) Age: 20-something Favourite NHL Team: 1. Oilers 2. Habs Favourite Current Hab: Niinimaa(became a Janne fan while he was in edmonton, although i am becoming a higgs fan) Favourite all time Hab: Saku Koivu (He is so much the heart of this team just like smyth is for the oilers. How can you not love these guys Favourites NHL Jerseys: Oilers (home) and Habs (Home) Been a hockey fan since: I was 13..and no i am not telling you how many years ago that was! Other Sports Teams: Is there any other sports teams besides the oilers and habs? Not as important anyway. Most Hated Opposing Team: Flames and Leafs(go figure)
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