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  1. Oh hi

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      I'm incredibly late to this, but long time no see!

  2. Hey guys, it's been a very long time since I last posted here, regularly. In that time, I've been to several Montreal games in Tampa. The first one was a lot of fun.Sat in a section of Ryder fans who were excited to see him back. We won The second game was game 1 against the lightning in the playoffs when we swept them. That was one of my favorite life experiences so far. Back and forth the whole game. And Eller was great so I was happy.
  3. I really like our pick, also it's been a while since I've posted here.
  4. I don't like drafting goalies early, it's such a volatile position. We're lucky Carey is panning out.
  5. I think if we had drafted Lehkonen or De La Rose first then McCarron or Fucale or w/e people wouldn't be so annoyed. It's all about the jump or reach, I'm fine with it cause we still managed to get 2 guys i thought could go in the first round
  6. False, The poster below prefers american to canadian players
  7. Did I win this thing yet I posted like once isn't that enough
  8. I wouldn't mind Vinny for 1 or 2 years I believe when asked how high on him Bergervin was he said 8/10
  9. I love hearing him talk and hearing "norris winner PK Subban" today cheered me up Subban's Cap hit unless he takes a pay cut will be at least 6.5 million per, most likely higher cause we are buying up more UFA years compared to Karlsson if we go 8 years. I expect it to be 7+ per
  10. Hey Guys At first I was kind of greatly dissapointed in this draft, but I have sat on it for a while and here are my opinions: Michael McCarron seems like a , too quote certain twitter accounts, a "MOAR BIG" player. Was greatly disappointed with this pick as Zykov, Hartman, Compher etc were still on the board. Initially found this to be a T. BIggs like pick. I think he has a decent shot at proving this wrong, as long as he cuts down on the weight I believe I read he was up to 240 since the combine. Kid likes to eat. Jacob De La Rose was a what pick to me at first, personally based on readings I think he has a better shot at making the big team than McCarron but we'll have to wait and see. Fucale is another head scratcher to me, but we need to build organizational depth, I thought we would grab a goalie later. Arturri Lehkonen is my favorite pick of the bunch, I think he is a steal at 55 based on what I've read his only knock is his size. Connor Crisp all i know is he played goal that one time for that one team and got lit up cause he is a forward, not too sure why we picked him at 71 when he probably would have been undrafted and could have been picked up at camp or something. Andrighetto some of the same concerns he was passed up 2 times why not just invite him to camp and sign him to a contract, not as head scratcing as the connor crisp, I believe this was around where he was rated in Corey Pronman's top 100 prospects. The Next 2 picks in Reway and Gregoire seem like classic timmons picks High Reward low risk for taking them late.
  11. Oh Hey guys

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      And just where have you been, if you are actually "our" Nine1One.

  12. so another subban point 35 in 36 games so far 1 point off his total in 81 games last year
  13. saying it wasn't a penalty, he pushed him into the boards