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  1. Oh Hey guys

    1. kinot-1


      And just where have you been, if you are actually "our" Nine1One.

  2. Phone broke again, and failed my 3rd calc test in a row. at least the habs won!

    1. habs_93


      Calculus comes and goes, but seasons like this are special. :D

    2. Nine1One


      I've enjoyed the few years I've been following. EC Finals run, My first Boston play off series, drafting a future superstar, going to my first game.

    3. powerplay2009


      I know the feeling of failing calc all too well....ugh

  3. Phone broke again, and failed my 3rd calc test in a row. at least the habs won!

  4. I'll be at the game Saturday, wearing my Lars Eller jersey :D

  5. I wish we could like posts

    1. Forever_Habs10


      we can...just type in "LIKE POST"...lol

  6. my phone fell and the class shattered :(

  7. Bought the tickets so excited

    1. roy_133


      right on! can I be your +1?

  8. Hockey's Back I'm back. and it sounds like Im going to my First Habs game over spring break in tampa

    1. Nine1One


      Probably be around for game days; college is eating up all my time; hopefully will be able to post from time to time

    2. Forever_Habs10


      hey dude,welcome back :-)

    3. beaubie
  9. KHL hockey ain't too bad

  10. I've started college may not be on much :(

  11. Anyone have a 3ds?

    1. 31Careyprice


      only on my report card

  12. back from college orientation love walking around the campus in 90 degree weather

  13. Anyone got steam?? (wish my desktop could run stuff) only my laptop can ugh

    1. EHIW


      yeh, name is habsgrabovski

  14. Congrats to the Lightning organization both of their farm teams won their league cups.

  15. Officially done with my last class of high school

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    2. ColRouleBleu


      congrats! though in a few years form now you'll miss those days ;)

    3. Clues


      What CRB says is true. Congrats to you, Nine.

  16. go everblades, attempting to win their first kelly cup !

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    2. powerplay2009


      I was going for the Wings myself. Was..

    3. Nine1One


      confused this is echl

    4. Nine1One


      confused this is echl

  17. Congrats to Chelsea even though i hate them

    1. Nine1One


      I liked the penalties its exciting.

    2. Nine1One


      Regardless Bayern had too many chances and blew it

  18. Just ordered my graduation present from my mom :3 DAniel Agger Liverpool Jerseyyyy

  19. and my brother has single handedly got my mom evicted..

  20. Sorry i havent been on lately sick and tons of school work

    1. Forever_Habs10


      nice having you back with us.

    2. hatethosebruins


      I missed you more than FH and HRF combined!

    3. Nine1One


      finally tomorrow i should be caught up in school.

  21. Didn't realize the GM meetings in 07 took place where I live, Little ol' naples

  22. liverpool WON!!! woot

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